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Liars: WIXIW

The multi-dimensional NY trio speak to us about their upcoming album and the dynamics of their group over the years

Giving Madonna a run for her money in the album reinvention stakes is the dexterous and chameleon-like group Liars. A fitting departure from their previous sound, their upcoming album WIXIW is to be entirely electronic. Recorded in Los Angeles, WIXIW is a tender, synthed-out record eloquently exploring emotions and mind-states in the wake of broken relationships and illness.

I hear it [WIXIW] as the sound of internal struggle brought to fruition by the use and misuse of technology. Full of doubt, anxiety and contradiction.

The first single from the album is ‘No.1 Against The Rush’, the intriguing video of which is full of beautiful shots, dark humour and a provocative, obscure storyline.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the sound of your latest work ‘WIXIW’?
Liars: I hear it as the sound of internal struggle brought to fruition by the use and misuse of technology. Full of doubt, anxiety and contradiction.

DD: How did recording in Los Angeles influence or inspire you and your latest work ‘WIXIW’?
Liars: If anything, Los Angeles forced us to block out our surroundings in favor of exploring our own fractured internal landscapes. We achieved this by spending a large portion of the writing time holed up in a small cabin in the woods.

DD: As a group you move around a fair bit – Brooklyn, Berlin – would you say you draw a lot from location for your art/music?
Liars: It depends entirely on the type of project we undertake. In some instances our goal is to engage and react to our environment and on other projects we look to alienate and isolate ourselves from what’s going on around us.

DD: Why the name ‘Liars’? Would you say that being an artist is to be honest or dishonest?
Liars: I think it’s important for an artist to be honest with themselves in terms of what they are interested in and what types of ideas they wish to pursue, i.e. good artists follow their instincts. But in terms of the work created I see no reason to impose any kind of practical moral guidelines or sense of right or wrong that could potentially inhibit the development of the work. Personally, I think pure honesty lacks imagination.

DD: You seem to embrace confusion and ambiguity in the messages and themes of your music – why is that? How does that affect your approach to making music? What are you seeking to achieve through music if not clarity?
Liars: I think clarity is one dimensional and boring. I’m much more interested in the innumerable possibilities of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Today’s information age is fraught with the overbearing knowledge of detail – so our approach is less about delivering finite answers and more about developing interesting questions.

DD: You have been making music together as Liars for over ten years now – how have things changed or developed for you since you started out? Your dynamics as a group? Your approach to making music? Feeling towards music scenes?
Liars: I can see that over time certain ideas that once seemed important have come and gone. Our interests have evolved from album to album in a very natural way. Overall, the dynamics of the band haven’t changed dramatically but our approach toward making music has gone through many transformations. In the end we’re still learning and I think that’s what keeps us excited about what we do.

Catch Liars playing at: Field Day, London, Forbidden Fruits Festival, Dublin, Nouveau Casino, Paris, Roter Salon der Volksbhne, Berlin, XOYO, London, and Ruby Lounge, Manchester