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Zoo Look: Exclusive Mix

The UK-based trio make us a sultry new mix since their latest smooth deep house release on Join The Dots

After years of student life and musical frolics together, Sam, Alex & Craig aka Zoo Look have channelled their mutual love of house music through producing and DJing, deftly moving between old disco sounds to deep house. Since their debut release ‘Holdin’ On’ via Defected's off-shoot label Tenth Circle, they've come a long way with follow ups on Kolour LTD, Sccucci Manucci, and More Music as well as their latest EP on Join The Dots. Set to play huge nights in London like Trouble Vision and Tief, the trio have made us an exclusive mix featuring the smoothest in deep house jams...


...special about you?
Everything, according to our mums.

...the story behind your name?
Zoolook is the name of a classic Jean Michel Jarre record. We added a space between the words Zoo and Look and errr... stole it.

...your worst vice?
We don't read Vice (hur hur)

... your favourite sound?
Our housemate Jake's laugh. It's unbelievably loud. What's more is that he finds absolutely everything amusing. Crack your window and you'll probably hear it for yourself.

...your favourite website? (coming soon)

...your favourite record label at the moment?
Hmm, to name a few (old and new) - Ethereal, Uzuri, Peacefrog, NDATL, Smallville, Vibes & Pepper, Laid, Deep Explorer, Rush Hour and our own label that's launching soon called Prized Recordings. Keep an eye out
for that because we have some truly great artists involved.

...your worst fashion secret?
Craig is the buyer for a local shop and he has to buy in brands like Gio-Goi, G-Star and Lyle & Scott as that's all people really care about around here. On the plus side he's managed to get some decent brands out on the shelves as well though.

...are you listening to now?
Jake's laugh, but not through choice.

How would you describe your work?
We have quite a casual approach to making music. We all live together and tend to just sit around fuelling ourselves on tea, coffee and occasionally some buscuits, if we can afford them, bouncing ideas about until we get something that closely resembles a jam. As with most aspects of our lives there is usually no real planning involved.

What's next?
We're busy working on new music all the time and we'll be dropping various bits and pieces over the next few months as well as some more interviews, podcasts and other such things. We also have some great gigs coming up over the summer so we're pretty damn excited about those. Other than that we're just gonna carry on doing what we're doing and see where that gets us. Prison probably. Oh and word on the street is that we're apparently collaborating with S Club's Rachel Stevens after mentioning her in a recent interview. If you're reading this Rachel, get in touch and we can make this happen...