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Tief / Axel Boman

We speak to the Studio Barnhus producer before he hits London this February to join Prosumer, Midland and Dan Beaumont at Tief

Known for his deep and sultry house jams, Sweden's Axel Boman (aka one half of Salax Peep Show) has besides releasing solo productions on labels like DJ Koze's Pampa, Hypercolour and K! Records, also founded his name by remixing the likes of DJ Hell, Trickski, and Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon.

I'm [currently] working aimlessly on tracks and it feels really nice. I'm thinking I can 'curate' releases later when I have more of an overview of what I'm doing

Taking a break from running the Studio Barnhus label with his crew - Petter (Border Community) and Kornél Kovacs, Boman is set to touch down in South London's Corsica Studios on February 18th at Tief, joining the ranks of Ostgut Ton's Prosumer, Midland, San Soda, Dan Beaumont (formerly of Disco Bloodbath), and Zoo Look. With wholly cohesive yet ever-evolving line-ups, including huge past guests like Joy Orbison, Scuba and Tom Trago, expect big things from the next Tief.

Dazed Digital: How have your solo musical projects been progressing at the moment, what are you currently working on?
Axel Boman:
I was just in the US for a couple of weeks, playing a few gigs and resting. It was really needed, I've been feeling a bit tired of music recently. Now I feel totally rejuvenated! The perfect cure to tired ears are salsa/reggaeton clubs in Puerto Rico, Dave Aju's and Nikola Baytala's homes in San Francisco and record stores in New York. So now I'm finishing up my album for Glass Table. I'm also working aimlessly on tracks and it feels really nice. I'm thinking I can 'curate' releases later when I have more of an overview of what I'm doing.

DD: What can we expect from Studio Barnhus this year?
Axel Boman: EPs from Wesley Matsell, Lukas Nystrand, Pedrodollar, Salax Peep Show, Kornél Kovács, Ex-Pylon and myself!

DD: When working with others, what elements do you feel you bring to a track that might be your trademark or arrives as the 'Axel Boman' sound?
Axel Boman: Oh I don't know... sometimes I feel I totally destroy the original idea by adding samples, sometimes I do it with pads or whatever. I like melodies. And girls. So I add that.

DD: If in doubt, play ____?
Axel Boman:
Black Sabbath?

DD: What/who's been getting the highest play count on your iTunes/iPod right now?
Axel Boman: Red Rack'em's In Love Again, oh my god it kills me every time!

DD: What are you most excited about for 2012?
Axel Boman: Becoming a father! Just need to convince my girl about it...

Axel Boman plays at Tief at Corsica Studios on Saturday February 18th