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EXCLUSIVE Kasper Bjorke Track: Mansisters

We premiere an exclusive bonus track from the Danish producer as he releases his new album on HFN Music

This April, Kasper Bjørke returns with his topically named album ‘Fool’ on HFn Music, with a little taster of things to come arriving in the form of new single, ‘Lose Yourself to Jenny’, featuring the smooth and resonant vocals of Jacob Bellens. Besides managing fellow Danes, Trentemøller and Reptile Youth, the DJ/producer has been making waves ever since the release of ‘Standing on Top of Utopia’ in 2010, and ‘Fool’ contains the playful arrangements that bridge the gap between pop and electronica that Bjorke is so well known for. To celebrate the new release, Dazed asked him about his five top tracks ever and get him to make us an exclusive stream of the new bonus track 'Mansisters'.


The Cure - A Forest:
This is one of my favorite Cure songs of all time. Everything in this song is a hook by itself. The vocals, the bassline... Even the snare sound!

Joy Division - She's Lost Control:
So lo fi. And the song is heartbreakingly great. Timeless track from one of the best bands ever.

LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge:
I fell in love with DFA from the first 12 inches, like f.ex. "By the Time I get to Venus" by Juan Maclean and of course "Losing My Edge" by LCD Soundsystem. The lyrics on this song are hilarious... they might even be a subconscious inspiration for the title and theme of my new album "Fool" in some weird way.

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love:
Such a party track. I have many great memories dancing to this song and playing it out in clubs. I'm a huge Talking Heads fan as well and this is just as good.

Chromatics - Nite:
Simple, dark, dancy and beautiful. This was the first Chromatics track that I purchased on 12" vinyl and I love everything that Johnny Jewel puts his hands on. Can't wait for the new album.