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Alt-J Video Premiere: Breezeblocks

We premiere the new video from the Infectious four-some fresh off their tour with Ghostpoet and Wild Beasts

In anticipation of Alt-J’s debut album, to be released on May 28th via Infectious Music, the band have announced two more London shows next month. Taking their name from the delta sign (not something that PC users would be familiar with, it’s a Mac thing), it’s pretty apparent that they refuse to be associated with conventionality, and this trend continues as they reject association with a specific genre, referring to their music as ‘trip-folk’. You may have stumbled upon Gwil, Joe, Gus and Thom, touring with Ghostpoet, as well as with Wild Beasts all over the UK.

Our worst vice? We have an ongoing struggle to stamp out masturbation in the band

Throughout their album 'An Awesome Wave', we hear Joe Newman’s voice shift from the lilting tenderness of Matilda to adapt to the thundering, darker rhythms of Breezeblocks. Their versatility justifies the hype, and Dazed caught up with them to ask...


...special about you?
We're from all four corners of the country. That's pretty cool.

...the story behind your name?
alt + J = Δ

...your worst vice?
We have an ongoing struggle to stamp out masturbation in the band.

... your favourite sound?
Ice creaking underfoot
Gwil: A good clean sine wave
Joe: Sharpening a knife
Thom: Roland 808

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?
What a loaded question!

...your worst fashion secret?
Long-johns. All year round.

...are you listening to now?
Some sort of pneumatic drill on an industrial estate outside Cambridge.

How would you describe your work?
It's not our place to label our own sound. Somebody once described it as 'Nick Drake meets gangsta rap' which we quite liked...

What's next?
Our album 'An Awesome Wave' is out on 28 May, then a fun summer of festivals and touring.

Breezeblocks is out 21 May on Infectious Music