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Arriving as the first new act on Jacques Greene's recently launched Vase imprint, the British production duo sort us out with an exclusive mix

Canadian producer, Jacques Greene who quickly built up a reputation for having the golden touch for incorporating reworked r'n'b samples with lush house & 2-step sounds, launched his own label, Vase, earlier this year to mixed responses. While some may argue that, bearing in mind most producers may only start labels to self-release, Greene already has enough viable platforms with previous appearances on LuckyMe and Night Slugs. However, it also means that launching his own label allows him to bring to light acts that he himself sources rather than for more self-centric aspirations.

[The name 'Arclight'] reminds me of pre-digital technology a nostalgic vision of the future. Hopefully it'll gather more meaning as we go along...

The first new act to arrive following on from Greene's stunning four-track 'Concealer' EP featuring Koreless and Ango, is Arclight, a duo from London making pop-influenced electronic sounds, set for release on 2nd April. Here we speak to the mysterious pair about nostalgic visions of the future...


...special about you?
We walk a line between song and abstraction, trying to leave the spirit of both intact.

...the story behind your name?
We just liked the sound of it. It reminds me of pre-digital technology – a nostalgic vision of the future. Hopefully it'll gather more meaning as we go along. / We felt the composite words were fitting, and it sounds nice. It’s also the name of a cinema that we haven't been to.

...your worst vice?
Social isolation. Walking. / Beer! Beer is the cheese.

... your favourite sound?
Thunder and lightning. / There's a bit in the Blues Brothers, after Carrie Fisher has blown up Jake and Elwood’s flat, and they wake up and climb out of the rubble and dust the bricks from their bodies. I really love that sound.

...your favourite website?
Google Earth and Streetview / 9eyes

...your favourite label?
Trunk Records / LiveJam

...your worst fashion secret?
Put your jeans in the freezer when they stink / Never worn a vest

...are you listening to now?
I'm checking out Julia Holter 'Ekstasis' and the new stuff on Invada / Mad Cobra

How would you describe your work?
Herding imaginary cats / A constant battle that I am never winning

What's next?
We're getting a live show together and finishing our album, and playing with sprinklers. / We are going to take each game as it comes.