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Selebrities Track Premiere: Paraiso

Dazed presents the b-side to the Brooklyn new wave trio's release on Cascine alongside a quick word about junk food and fave celebs

After making waves with their hit album 'Delusions' in 2011, Brooklyn's Selebrities return with their alluring new EP 'Night Heat' on the lush Cascine label this March. After touring with the likes of Jamie Woon, Craft Spells, Chad Valley and Puro Instinct, (before Com Truise soon), the musical trio will be embarking on their own EU tour this year with their unique breed of dark, breathtaking electronic-tinged new wave jams. Check out the b-side to their release, 'Paraiso'...


...your secret talent?
Maria: I'm quite good at crafty stuff. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I always make my own costume.
Jer: I went to a shooting range one time. All head shots.
Max: Don't tell anyone, but my day job is a professional Formula 1 driver for the Ferrari team

...your worst vice?

Coca-Cola, completely addicted.
Max: Eating terrible food.
Jer: McDonalds ten piece nuggets, and don't forget to put my BBQ sauce in the bag this time.

…the story behind your name?

Jer found the word misspelled in a comic book and it just stuck. It's interesting when a band can take a word you've seen a million times and give it a different or new meaning.

...who's the most fascinating celebrity today?

Maria: Tilda Swinton
Max: Antares Auto-Tune™
Jer: I'm going to use this spot to express my endless crush for Lake Bell. Elizabeth Olsen in a close second.

...your claim to fame?

I dunno if we're even famous, but that's what we love about our band name. Selebrities could become celebrities, or completely fail which makes the name ironic. The name is a safe bet.

... your favourite sound?

Maria: Screaming jk. Laughter for sure.
Max: Synth notes in a pentatonic scale.
Jer: Cha-Ching

...your worst fashion secret?

Maria: Love wearing sweatshirts/big sweaters too much.
Max: It's no secret, just fashion in general.
Jer: Black never gets dirty.

...your favourite website?


...your favourite label?

Maria: Sarah Records/Factory/Service
Jer: Cascine of course! Seriously really glad to be part of a label that really cares about the music they put out, and the bands behind it.
Max: Cascine as well

...are you listening to now?

Maria: The Blue Nile, Bill Nelson, Craft Spells
Max: Holy Ghost even though I'm late to the party.
Jer: Really loving Flight Facilities and Chris Malinchak right now.

How would you describe your work?

Maria: Spontaneous, always.
Max: Meticulous
Jer: A fast paced adrenaline thrill ride, but fun for the whole family. Ebert and Roeper give it two thumbs way up.  

What's next?

After this awesome European tour, we are playing a couple of US dates with Com Truise. We're going to take a mini vacation after that and then continue to work on our second album. The two tracks we have so far are really leading us to a cool, exciting direction...we hope. We're trying to find the vaccine for Sophomore slump.

Out March 20th.