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Dazed premieres the lush new video by Newfoundland Tack for the Cascine signing and Michigan producer's 'Silver' taken from the new EP

Michigan's RxGibbs makes breathtakingly lush, synthy, emotive, electronic, melancholic yet simultaneously uplifting tracks, bringing together soft looping vocals and subtle digital beats. His latest EP, 'Futures', set for release on the well-fitted and perfectly-formed cult record label Cascine, is a six-track wonder consisting of spacey laidback vibes, brimming with warmth - a pleasure for the ears. Here RxGibbs makes us an exclusive mix filled with his musical influences, alongside the stunning new video for 'Silver', by Andrew de Freitas.


...your secret talent?
I'm not sure I have any real talents outside of music. Although, I did recently find out I'm pretty decent at driving a snowmobile while pulling friends on snowboards behind me. Fun stuff.  
...your worst vice?

Cigarettes for sure.
...the story behind your name?
I got the name from an old friend/bandmate of mine after he noticed I had the letters RXG on my license plate. He started calling me RxGibbs and it just kind of stuck.
... your favourite sound?
Thick and lush reverb. It just makes everything sound better.  
...your worst fashion secret?
I had an Yngwie Malmsteen shirt in the 7th grade in like 1985. I thought I was so cool.  
...your favourite website?
My favourite website, without naming a ton of music blogs, is probably Phantoms and Monsters. It's a paranormal site that always has crazy stories about ufos, ghosts, and strange creature encounters. I find it fascinating. Who knows if any of this stuff is real, but it's interesting nonetheless. It kind of freaks me out though when I read it right before bed.  
...your favourite label?
Well, I obviously love Cascine. They have been wonderful to work with. And being from Michigan, I love Ghostly International and what they have done. Two of my absolutely favorite bands, Lusine and Kiln, are on Ghostly International. But my all time favorite is probably mid-period Creation records from 1990-1994 with My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Primal Scream, The Boo Radleys, The Telescopes, Ride, Moonshake, etc. That era changed the way I listen music. In my mind, it was one of the most innovative periods in music. the top of your hit/shit list?
The top of my hit list right now is Grimes. I think she has the most amazing voice and melodies I've heard since Elizabeth Frazer of the Cocteau Twins. I love everything about her. Her new album just blows me away. Sooo good.   
...are you listening to now?
There seems to be an endless supply of good music around these days, but a few tracks I've had on constant rotation lately are Gang Colours "Fancy Restaurant", Disclosure "Flow", Giraffage "With You", A Lull "Some Love (Brothertiger remix)", Zombie Zombie "The Beach (New Order cover)", Coyote Clean Up "Seventeen" and Grimes "Genesis".  
How would you describe your work?
Ambience with a pulse.   
What are you most excited about next?
My band, Auburn Lull, just finished our new EP that will be coming out on the Geographic North label later this year. It's our first full release with me as a member, so I'm excited about it. It's blissed out stuff. 

RxGibbs - "Silver" from the 'Futures' EP, released by Cascine
Produced by Newfoundland Tack
Directed by Andrew de Freitas