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WeSC: Sarah Young Mix

Featuring the likes of Diplo and Schlachthofbronx, the new compilation from the 22-year-old DJ comes as the latest musical collaboration from the Swedish brand

Swedish streetwear brand WeSC has enlisted DJ Sarah Young - aka the 'Moombahton Queen' - for an exclusive new CD mega mix. Highlighting the diversity of the genre and its global influences from hip hop, dancehall, soul and reggaeton, the Moomahton Queen compilation features new tracks and remixes from the likes of Diplo, Schlachthofbronx, Dave Nada and Roses Gabor.

As a DJ I represent Moombahton and all different international bass genres like kuduro, reggaeton etc

Having made her name DJing alongside Chipmunk and working with fashion brands like Balmain and Lanvin, Young speaks to us here about vibing jeggings and headscarves, Punjabi music and her love of Diplo ahead of the free release. Check out her mix here.

Dazed Digital: What did you grow up listening to?
Sarah Young: I grew up listening to the music my parents played around the house so lot of jazz, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, Sergio Mendez, classic Indian music, so Ravi Shankar. My mum plays like ten instruments so I grew up listening to her playing piano, the classic guitar, flute etc! Noisy household lol.  

DD: How has that influenced what you make now?
Sarah Young: I listened to everything from classic to more offbeat stuff, so definitely the reggae and the more Latin sounds influenced me from early on. Nowadays I rep global bass, and some of the sounds I create remind me of the tapes I used to listen to when I was really young. The other day I was record shopping and literally bought about five old calypso records that really reminded me of the music my parents played at parties, it was a nice nostalgic feeling.  

DD: What's your favourite sound?
Sarah Young: Global bass. I think people especially the music industry get caught up with genres, which I don't pay much mind to. But as a DJ I represent Moombahton and all different international bass genres like kuduro, reggaeton etc. In my down time I love nothing more than listening to r&b and old skool hip hop that's not the stuff I make or really play. I also love Arabic music and and old skool Hindi and Punjabi music. The tambre of Bollywood sounding vocals is something just incredible to hear.

DD: What's your worst fashion secret?
Sarah Young: Worst? Haha. Jeggings. Love 'em. Cannot live without them. They are good for girls with big backoffs. Jeans in the UK just dont do it, no one makes the right cut. Super annoying but true. And headscarves are the vibe. Jeggings with a head scarf  = vibe.

DD: What's your favourite (music / fashion) labels?
Sarah Young: Diplo is the man. Dude is repping global bass and really pushing the whole movement and bringing loads of new producers in, which is what it's all about, he also runs Mad Decent which is a sick record label pushing the kind of sound I love, they also have a good blog.
Fashion labels. Givenchy for shoes. I have this thing where I love to shop in those really old lady shops, the ones that sell three-quarter length brown skirts. Don't get it twisted I don't buy the brown skirts, but they always seem to have a sale rack that they buy in from half off designer boutiques. Some of my sickest pieces in my wardrobe like cut-off knit jackets, mini-dresses and accessories have come from old lady shops! Vivienne Westwood for handbags and perfume.
DD: What are you listening to now?
Sarah Young: I'm musically bi-polar so right this minute, 50 Cent, lol. A Dutch producer called Munchi and this sick joint called 'Chicken Lover (Munchi Likes 'em Fried Moombahton Remix)', listening to a lot of juke and Chicago footwork, old soca and a Moroccan singer/songwriter called Najat Atabou.  

DD: How would you describe your work?
Sarah Young: 99 degrees in the shade.

WeSC presents Sarah Young: will be available across selected WeSC stores in the UK