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Trailer Trash Tracys

We catch up with Jimmy Lee of the pop-tinged indie band about their debut album and what they're currently listening to

After recently dropping eagerly anticipated debut LP 'Ester', Trailer Trash Tracys are the kind of band that have set themselves up as the new experimentals. It’s clear TTT are not afraid to take a risk or two and produce something altogether too good to ignore and too strange to dare overlook.

A friend of ours works in a Japanese 'Love Hotel' called Globetrotters where each room is themed by a country. In room "UK", you can order a blow up doll called "Margaret Makelove". In the "U.S.A" room, you can order a doll called "Trailer Trash Tracy" - apparently the most popular with the Japanese businessmen

Their otherworldly, cosmic brand of pop/indie souped up songs are sure to get you lifted, and with tracks like 'Candy Girl' and 'Wish You Were Red' already having made a big impression in the myriad of new music you can be sure these guys are more than just a new hype. We caught up with Jimmy Lee, one quarter of the band, to find out how the hell they came up with their name…

Dazed Digital: So you've just unleashed the debut album. How do you feel now you've released your 'baby' to the world?
Jimmy Lee:
More sociable. Making an album consumes a lot of head space, now I can have a full conversation with a friend without drifting into thought about changing the mixes, or production. That was getting annoying to a lot of my friends, who looked disinterested in what seemed like monologue. That was near the end of completing the album; it was a lot more fun at the start!

DD: On your FB page you listed your influences as 'Melodic Reverberation'-would you like to expand on this?
Jimmy Lee:
Melody was the preoccupation for this album, and reverb is an effect we endorse heavily, you can hide a lot of flaws and cracks with reverb!


...the story behind your name?
Jimmy Lee:
A friend of ours works in what the Japanese call A 'Love Hotel'. It's based in Tokyo and is called Globetrotters, whereby each room is themed by a country. In room "France" there are phallic Eiffel Tower sex toys. In room "UK", you can order a blow up doll called "Margaret Makelove". In the "U.S.A" room, you can order a doll called "Trailer Trash Tracy" - apparently the most popular with the Japanese businessmen. on the horizon for you guys?
Jimmy Lee:
Do a few tour dates - make sure our live set is crisp. I don't think we are a band that is going to slog 200 dates across the world with the same material - that would be moronic. Therefore finishing off the second album would probably happen this year.

...the best way to describe your music?
Jimmy Lee:

...the websites you can't live without?
Jimmy Lee:
I think I could live without the internet. Six months ago I would check "" hosted by Alex Jones on a daily basis. But that stuff can send you paranoid and inactive. Keiser Report on is worth checking out now and again. Youtube is better than national television; I don't know anyone who actually watches television anymore. At the moment I've found this series on Youtube from the 1980s called The Tales of the Unexpected, presented by Roald Dahl. It has its flaws, but that's what makes it captivating.

... are you currently listening to?
Jimmy Lee:
Liquid Liquid, William Onyeabor and Captain Beefheart

...your worst vice?
Jimmy Lee:
I thought issue 12 was particularly bad.

...your secret talents?
Jimmy Lee:
Telepathy. I think. Still testing it. Equipped with two jokes that never fail to raise a smile. of your shitlist?
Jimmy Lee:
National television. I find it depressing.