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Unknown to the Unknown: 5kinandbone5 Mix

We get a new mix from one of the recent signings on the record label featuring the likes of LOL Boys, Hot City and Palace during their 'Ice Age Season' for 2012

As part of their 'Ice Age Season' until this February 2012, record label and events honchos Unknown to the Unknown have enlisted Hot City who teamed up with LA/Montreal duo LOL Boys on a two-track EP ‘Hot Boys/Whitney (Jus Some Shit)’. Having previously released on labels like Palms Out Sounds, Discobelle Records and Mad Decent, the mega LOL Boys' new ones are a another lesson in full on percussive dance music.

We just officially started a new label 'Soo Wavey' with our comrade Vin Sol. Hedonistic banging ass club music in a variety of flavours

With remixes for the likes of Crystal Fighters, Para One, and Hot City in the past, the duo have established themselves as the go to guys for high-NRG productions across the spectrum. As well as releasing the likes of Essex producer, Palace with an EP of intense 2-step numbers, UTTU will see San Francisco/LA's 5skinandbone5 make an EP this February, who sorts us a new mix featuring the likes of Distal and Zed Bias below...


...your secret talent?
Acting and rapping.

...your worst vice?
3D porn on the interwebs.

…the story behind your name?
Charlie stood out amongst his ghetto fellows due to his light skin complexion hence the nickname "Skin" and "Bones" earned his title from a close encounter with a shark whilst surfing once.  Makes total sense when you think about it.

... your favourite sound?

Wood sprites frolicking in secret mysterious forests.  Also the sound of one ass clapping (a Hood Zen Koan, if you will).

...your worst fashion secret?
Although we cannot deny the beauty of many a luxury brand, often times the most hip articles of clothing obtained are usually the cheapest and second-hand.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?
An even tie between Unknown To The Unknown and Grizzly the top of your hit/shit list?
Nothing to shit on at the moment so at the top of our hit list is:
5th Element
Keith Haring
Willie Hutch
Jay Nari

...are you listening to now?
Rob Hood
Future Sound Of London

How would you describe your work?
Mysteriously futuristic but hood as fuck... or maybe mysteriously hood but futuristic as fuck. You feel me?

What are you most excited about next?
We just officially started a new label 'Soo Wavey' with our comrade Vin Sol and it will be vinyl only. Hedonistic banging ass club music in a variety of flavours. Exponential Swag. You can also look forward to some follow up releases on Unknown To The Unknown in the near future too (insert gratuitous pelvic thrusts here).

Chris Underwood - Black Superman (In Reverse)
Wild & Hot Rhythm Track
Traxxmen - Emergency
Amen Brother - Jack 2 Basics
Palace - Armageddon
5kinAndBone5 - Reset
5kinAndBone5 - New Jack City
5kinAndBone5 - Cosplay
Seiji - Face Up
Distal - Eel
Sam Walton - Aggy
Samename - Night Fall
5kinAndBone5 - Face Mask
Preditah - The One
Reilly Steele - Oh So Nice (5kinAndBone5 remix)
123Mrk - Noname
5kinAndBone5 - Make U Understand
5kinAndBone5 - Wit U (Rather B)
Zed Bias - Stubborn Phase
Vin Sol - What U Dont No
Maurizio - Untitled (white side)