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Machinedrum: SXLND Video & Top Five

Dazed premieres the new video for the upcoming release from Sepalcure's Machinedrum on cult electronic label LuckyMe

After a string of blinding bass-heavy/2-step/techno-influenced bangers on labels like Planet Mu, Innovative Leisure and LuckyMe, Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart returns with his new EP on the latter, arriving as a lush new package release entitled 'SXLND'. Besides his hard-hitting solo productions, including the hilarious use of a Eurodance sample from 666 in 'Alarma', Stewart also acts as one half of the equally impressive electronic duo, Sepalcure on Scuba's Hotflush making lush and emotive electronica. Alongside Machinedrum's top five tracks of the moment, check out the new video for the forthcoming Machinedrum - SXLND release here below...

1. Fracture - Voodoo Vibe (Unreleased)
Fracture who frequently collaborates with Neptune has been killing it with the d'n'b/juke crossover shit lately.  This gets instant reactions on the dancefloor. Should be coming out in April so look out.

2. Scuba - Flash Addict (PER001)
The B side from the upcoming Scuba single "Hope". Dark techno that screams Berghain from its depths.

3. DJ Solo - What Have U Done (Planet Mu)
"What have u done??? 4 meeeeeee?" But for real this whole Bangs & Works Vol 2 comp is the best footwork collection ever put together. All the tracks bang:

4. Traxman - Lifeeeee Is For Ever (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
I've been ending my sets with this one. Traxman kills it with the samples in all his tunes, you can tell he's a crate digger.

5. Hudson Mohawke - Furnace Loop (Warp)
This tune, which was a bonus track on Japanese edition of Satin Panthers, makes my head nod so hard I feel like I'm gonna pass out. It's insane how simple it is (there's like, four sounds in there?) yet how huge it sounds.