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14th Video Premiere

The Brighton duo present the music video for their new single influenced by their love of 90s rave and UK garage sounds

Dazed premieres the new video from Brighton duo, 14th, made up of Uni friends Tom Barber and Tracey Duodu, influenced by old school 90s rave and UK garage sounds. A musical collaboration that came together after a life-endangering dance battle on Brighton beach, Barber makes the beats and Duodu provides the catchy vocals. Their new single, 'Take Me There', is the follow up to their debut EP, 'Hide Yourself', last year, where Duodu’s powerful vocals take over. Here we speak to Barber about their new video and current musical loves...

Part of the video was done very early one morning on a houseboat by London Bridge, which was a bit like Kevin Costner's Waterworld

Dazed Digital: How did you first form and why do you work so well together?
Tom Barber:
We met at University through mutual friends and knew we were both doing music related things, I texted Tracey and it went from there. We probably work well together as we're quite different which brings quite a wide range of ideas and influences into our songs, but there's enough similarities that we're both happy with the end result.

DD: What's the most annoying trait about the other member?
Tom Barber: Tracey's really good at maths. I suppose that's quite annoying as I never have been, but simultaneously quite useful. I can be quite impatient so that's probably a bit irritating at times.

DD: Tell us a bit about the new video?
Tom Barber: We filmed it with some friends of ours who run a production company called Visitor. Part of the shoot was done very early one morning on a houseboat by London Bridge, which was a bit like Kevin Costner's Waterworld, it was quite a strange experience. I'm quite surprised we all survived really. More generally the video is an abstract interpretation of the song, and Tracey's dissatisfaction with her situation.

DD: Who are you listening to right now?
Tom Barber: The Fairfield Four.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Tom Barber: We're hopefully getting in the studio with Jakwob for a couple of days next week and then embarking on a mini tour around the UK.