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Planet Mu's latest brings us an exclusive recording of his hypnotically beautiful live set to celebrate the release of his debut album, Hive Mind

After playing in Dischord-signed DC hardcore band Black Eyes, Daniel Martin-McCormick went onto release some seriously hypnotic and surreal house sounds as Mi Ami, and then as Sex Worker through the Not Not Fun label.  Evidently not content with the variety of his work, he switched it up again and resurfaced as Ital; first through Not Not Fun's sister label 100% Silk, and then Planet Mu, which is set to release his stunning debut album Hive Mind in February.  

I dog walk for a living so I often have to wear shit like rain trousers (Size XL hand-me-downs from my folks) and Ugg brand duck boots. Not such a flattering look

Hive Mind is a complex study in the increasingly symbiotic relationship between the human mind and technology; an exploration of the myriad movements between our bodily sensations and the increasingly synthetic world of machines. The album conveys what Ital considers a distinctly modern “kind of social alienation and bodily dissonance” that the creative human life strives to articulate, but is never fully able to. In anticipation of the release, Dazed Digital presents an exclusive recording of an live Ital performance, which includes tracks from the album.


...your secret talent?

Hamburgers. I use coconut oil and cook all my food low & slow with the top on so that it has a time to get juicy and super flavourful. 

...your worst vice?
A withering, unending stream of pointless doubt and self critique. 

…the story behind your name?
This story sucks. I was working on "Ital's Theme" and was thinking about Dutch electro (Alden Tyrell, Bangkok Impact etc.), the way it sounds a lot like Italo, and how that was kind of the vibe for this jam, so I named the file "ital." It had a little dub in it, and also naming something straight up "italo" would be dumb, so I dropped the "o" and thought nothing of it. For better or worse, it stuck, but I am thinking it's probably worse, since many people have confused me with either my label-mate Ital Tek or the Chilean psy-trance producer (yes) also named Ital. 

... your favourite sound?
Bells, drum machine claps, guitar feedback squalls, Patty Waters' voice, deep resonant kick drums, strings, synth brass... this list could go on for a while. 

...your worst fashion secret?
I don't know... I dog walk for a living so I often have to wear shit like rain trousers (Size XL hand-me-downs from my folks) and Ugg brand duck boots. Not such a flattering look.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?

Whooo.. there are so many good ones! I feel lucky to have worked with a handful of greats over the years (Dischord, Touch & Go/Quarterstick, Thrill Jockey, NNF/100% Silk, White Denim, Planet Mu) so aside from those, I gotta rep Hyperdub for being such a solid bastion of forward-thinking wildness, Future Times for following their gut with that cosmic sound... I dig some stuff of Blackest Ever Black a ton, but obviously it's a bit new to be my favourite, but fuck it, I'll throw it in. Man, honestly though, it's probably Chain Reaction and Dischord in the 90s. Let's be real here. the top of your wish list?
A room of my own (I'm subletting right now) and some ridiculous, cutting edge raver workstation to jam on. And a good book to read; in 2008 I was blown away by Wittgenstein's Mistress and have been looking for something with an equivalent impact ever since.

...are you listening to now?
Blawan, Mr Beatnik, Pete Swanson, the new Oneohtrix Point Never, Tiger & Woods, This American Life (nerd alert).

How would you describe your work?

What can we expect from you in 2012?
A couple of collaborations (top secret for now!), a bunch of records and a bunch of shows. Who the fuck knows? 2011 was pretty exciting and unexpected in terms of how much stuff got done and got heard, so I'm feeling pretty amped up to follow through.