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Introducing... Glyph Records

As the new record label's first signing, Matt Sweeney & Co. arrives courtesy of German producer Essay

With a thirst for new music and an aim the curate the freshest electronic sounds, budding label Glyph Records is due to launch at the end of this month. The latest project from Matt Sweeney, Michael Mercer, and DJ James Cator of Eagle Rock, Glyph has already rounded up an international talent roster of young, promising acts.

I look for people with soundcloud listens at less than 20. Anymore than that and it's too late. It's got to be fresh.

Their first release is to be the super blissed-out track ‘Morning Mountain’ by German producer Essay, who has already been garnering due praise for his talent and heady production style. Other artists on the ambient Glyph wave include the funkier Trevor & Ever, who hail from Canadian shores, as well as UK acts Squarehead and Falcon Lake who bring upbeat and melodic house vibes into the mix. Here the founders talk to us about the workings, ideas and concept behind the label, and what to watch out for from Glyph in 2012.

Dazed Digital: How do you find and/or pick the artists on your label?
James Cator:
Soundcloud, blogs, Facebook. The internet basically.
Michael Mercer: I look for people with soundcloud listens at less than 20. Anymore than that and it's too late. It's got to be fresh.
Matt Sweeney: I listen to tracks whilst watching BBC nature documentaries and sunsets. There’s a direct correlation.

DD: Is there something in common that runs through all your signings or a sound you’re looking for?
James Cator: Soul.
Michael Mercer:
We're still very young so I don't think we've carved out a particular sound/aesthetic at the moment. But individually, we all bring our tastes to the table which creates interesting diversity to our roster. To begin with everything I liked seemed to have rain sounds; I think I've moved on (slightly) from that. Although, you could probably tag most of my posts with the words #soft #ambient #lush. Our signings so far are all young, fresh, hungry producers - those who have lots of output but may not have the contacts/know how to actually move it to the next level, expose etc.

DD: Why did you start Glyph? Where did the name come from?
Sweeney: To right some wrongs perhaps or to give us all something to look forward to? The camaraderie. The name came after long debate, when Glyph came up it seemed it was something that was both ancient and modern, hard to define, clear but fluid. We thought we could have some fun with it. Develop it.
James Cator: I needed to get back involved with new music and felt we had something to offer those without the know how. It's fine that people can find music wherever they want, but curation is the key.  I rely on the curation of other labels, and I believe that there's a niche for Glyph somewhere in there.

DD: Who are you listening to right now?
Sweeney: Boards of Canada, A Tribe Called Quest, various 'Best of 2011' lists to make sure there's nothing I missed... turns out I missed most of it.
James Cator: As I type this, I'm listening to Swod - Drie.  Also checking out a fair bit of Mathematics Recordings.  The Visionquest Fabric mix is a belter, and the Jackmaster RA podcast.
Michael Mercer: Keep Shelley in Athens and Owsey. All of Essáy's work and remixes - his stuff has been on constant loop since June last year.

DD: What's next for the label?
Michael Mercer:
We're trying to expand all parts of the business as quickly as possible, so there is management, publishing and clubs nights to come. We’ve got a few Essáy releases planned, a Trevor & Ever EP, a split single from 2 great UK producers; Falcon Lake and Squarehead. Keeping it deep. Check out our Facebook for an exclusive download of Good Love by Trevor & Ever.