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The Whendays Exclusive Track

The Stockholm-based duo explore a dark and romantic pop sound with their debut release on Cascine

The Whendays – consisting of Swedish-born Simon Reithner and San Francisco expat Serge G – have crafted a distinct sound that conjures up images of late nights and neon stained, rain soaked streets. The four tracks on their newly released self-titled EP only serve to highlight the pair’s dedication to this identity. Signed to Cascine, the US based sibling imprint of Swedish label Service, The Whendays deal in an invigorating mixture of simple, strong beats and synths that leave room for darker influences to come to the fore. No where is this clearer than on the track ‘If I Wait’ that features a stripped back drum loop coupled with yearning vocals and a haunting melody. Their debut EP The Whendays is out now on Cascine and is to be followed by a full-length release that is in the midst of being crafted. Hear and download their track I'll Still be Here.

...your secret talent?
Simon: Juggling

....your worst vice?
Snus (Swedish Tobacco)
Serge: Sundays at Berghain

...the story behind your name?
It was a typical Friday night for us: pizza/marathon movie night. In fact, after watching two Woody Allen films someone busted out a ouija board and then: Voilà!, the spirit sent T H E  W H E N D A Y S. We kept eating pizza after that…

...your favourite sound?
We like the sound of going to Paris.

...your worst fashion secret?
Silk Underwear
Serge: I've worn the same clothes for the last 2 years.

....your favourite website?
Filip: Tie between Facebook & Warmer Climes (btw, Filip, the guy in our video for 'Untru Love II', fills in on synth when we play live. He's recently joined the band full-time)

...the best thing about where you're from?
Winter bathing! the top of your shit list?
Idol TV show. Snow. (Simon hates) Roman Polanski. Snitches. Chick flicks. Jimmie Äkesson... Wall Street

...are you listening to now?
El Guincho FACT Mix
Tenorio Jr.
Sin Fang
Ricky Gervais Podcasts

How would you describe your work?
It's like giving birth for the first time or losing your virginity. In fact, it's very much like a box full of gifts that you can't open yet. It's like swimming in freezing water after unwinding in a sauna. It's like eating a bag of Doritos right before they expire. It's like having that last cup of coffee before bed time, then not knowing why the hell you're twisting and turning all the night. It's channeling thoughts and emotions, even the ones you haven't thought or felt yet.

Text by George Cottrell