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Ratcatcher Mix

We get a new mix from the Rhythm Talk resident DJ and producer as he embarks on his solo career after working with the likes of Doc Daneeka, CRST, and remixing Crystal Fighters

Now having a residency at the highly secretive Rhythm Talk parties held across the east of London, DJ and producer The Ratcatcher first started his musical career as one part of the ‘Bigger Than Barry’ residents, Chesus and Rodski. Also formerly part of the garage/house outfit CRST, he's also released on labels including Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen, No Hats No Hoods, Well Rounded and Deep Thrills.

Having embarked on remixes for the likes of Crystal Fighters and Cosmic Revenge, he's now taking on a solo career, kicking off with a collaboration with Doc Daneeka on PTN (Ramp), and an EP for Catapult Records. Watch out for his upcoming tracks next year as he's set to release on Granholme Recordings alongside remix duties for Jamie Anderson & Owain K. Alongside an eclectic exclusive mix, here we speak to Rodski where he fucking swears loads and talks about chips a lot.


...your secret talent?
I can whistle really fucking loud and I'm pretty good at pool but don't tell anyone as I plan to move to Dalston and become the biggest hustler at Efes. 

...your worst vice?
Probably smoking fags but the amount of chips I eat can't be good either, I definitely need more salad in my life. I also need to swear less.

…the story behind your name?
There's no story really, just wanted a new name for my solo stuff and wanted something weird so went with Ratcatcher. I was gonna try and be anonymous when I first did it but I'm too much of an attention seeker I think plus I'm shit at keeping secrets.

... your favourite sound?
I really just like noise, I'll always be banging or tapping on something but I'd say my favourite sound is probably an airhorn? I also really like the sound it makes when you stick your finger in your cheek and pull it out so it goes pop, that's a good one.

...your worst fashion secret?
I may or may not have owned a baby blue fubu vest at some point in my life.

...your favourite website?
It sounds really fucking boring but probably Facebook or Ebay 'cause I live in the middle of fucking no-where and there's nothing to do. I am also probably one of the top ten Youtube users in the world, last week I watched an hour long documentary on darts legend Phil "The Power" Taylor on there which made me feel like I'm wasting my life. 

... good for breakfast?
My favourite is gozleme but I only get to have that when I stay in london, at home I have Weetabix Minis and apple juice. I sounded like such a fucking loser then.

...the best thing about where you're from?
Easy, Angelo's Chip shop, best chips in the world. the top of your shit list?
The absolute wankers who nicked the glass out of BOTH my wing mirrors last week, I will find you and I will fuck you up.

...are you listening to now?
I've been caning the new MCDE Mini-Deux Podcast, he ain't really put a foot wrong in my opinion. I've been listening the Objekt Fact mix as well, also excellent.

How would you describe your work?
When people ask me I just say house really, my EP on catapult was more retro sounding but the newer stuff im making would probably be best described as just deep house, I seem to be making tunes at a slower tempo now which I think suits the groove more. I'd also describe my work as rough around the edges haha, as you'll hear from the needle jump in the mix!

I dont really like super perfect mixtapes done in ableton or whatever as I think they can sound a bit flat, I've done it before and it just sounded a bit boring to me, I think a mixtape should be a demo of what you're like in the mix, it's no good putting out a perfect mixtape if you're going to turn up to the club and drop two hours of galloping horses. 

Huerco S - Bypass
Ratcatcher & Dai Verse - Portrait
J Dilla - Dreamy (Brabe Rmx)
Osunlade - Momma's Grooves
The Sunburst Band - Journey to the Sun (Dennis Ferrer Dub)
David Durango - Nocturnal Passion
Rodriguez Jr. feat. Cari Golden - Music Don't Lie
Solomun - Forever
Billy Shane - Opan
Ratcatcher & Dai Verse - Acid Drop
Eats Everything - Entrance Song (SLG Remix)