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Rhythm Talk Exclusive Mix

The duo behind the pumping East London-based parties make a new mix for us featuring their signature house and bass-heavy sounds

Spanning all music stuck in the general oblivion between House, Garage, Acid, and Juke to Booty, the ongoing club night based in Dalston, Rhythm Talk, has brought us hugely successful 'underground' vibes for a new way of outdoor clubbing. With the refreshing idea of focusing on just plain old good tunage rather than big/buzz names 'pon the bills, their always 'secret' guests play alongside their residents, Ratcatcher, Fools, and Rushmore.

Run by those also known as Ben from Skull Juice and Matt Thomas, the night enforces their usual door rules of guestlist only and password entry for their parties in secret venues in East London with budget bar in tow. Alongside one of their always riveting mixes (made specially for us), we speak to the duo behind the machinations where they randomly point us to a Square Roots acid house track... Cheers guys.

Dazed Digital: What sparked the launch of Rhythm Talk?
Rhythm Talk: Skynet [see Terminator] told us to...

DD: What makes it different/is the main ethos of the night?
Rhythm Talk: Guess the ethos is what makes it different really, the party's always been about good vibes and just trying to make it pretty much what we reckon is the ultimate party (we haven't quite got there yet, but we're working on it...), kind of halfway between the old school warehouse parties, summer of love vibes and a really good house party.

Making it free, not charging people £7 for a drink or whatever, a different venue each time, always somewhere fresh, making sure the soundsystem's good, good DJs, but not about the name, just the music, that sort of thing, always getting friends down, so people know each other and can have a fucking wicked night. It's the opposite of some big night that charges you £20 to get in, that's bullshit, we just want to make sure people have fun.

DD: Does the 'secrecy' of the nights aid or hinder the promotions process in any way?
Rhythm Talk: Well, I guess it's only positive, because we wouldn't want to promote it any other way, it's part of what makes it different and we can't afford to print flyers anyway!

DD: Who would be your dream line-up - dead or alive?
Rhythm Talk: Well, that'd be giving away some of our upcoming guests, but we'd have 'em playing under aliases anyway! But dream line up, um, Richard Pryor & Ms Tony on hosting duties, Kenny Larkin doing a stand up comedy set, Ron Hardy B2B Farley Jackmaster Funk, The Basement Boys, Tuff Jam vs R.I.P. Productions, Deeon B2B Paul Johnson, we could literally go on forever, but there's plenty of new guys we want to get to play aswell, like Ben UFO, Julio Bashmore, Boddika, Blawan...

We're lucky that we've had some amazing support from friends early on who've played for us already like L-Vis, Bok Bok & Jam City from Night Slugs who've come down and Braiden & the Standard Place guys, so we've ticked a few off already.

DD: What's next?
Rhythm Talk: Booking some dream line ups... we've got a party in October and then it's our first birthday in December! We don't really want to give too much away, but there's lots in the pipeline... If you want to know more then email us and we'll let you know.