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Peaking Lights

The Wisconsin dub-pop duo take on tribal drums and melodic guitars in their new release

Having just finished work on their most recent album 936, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, who make up Wisconsin dub-pop duo Peaking Lights, are set to play at Plastic People tonight, before heading off to the Rhythm Factory and the Deaf Institute later on this month. Mixing a huge range of musical influences, from Latin and African inspired rhythms to more melodic guitar solos, Aaron and Indra produce music that soaks up a brilliant range of genres to create something really warm and unique. Each track layers softly crackling feedback over a woozy, looping bassline and Indra’s narcotic vocals, gently lulling you into a kind of fuzzy daze. We caught up with them to find out more about leaves, hedonism and jam sessions listening to smooth old tunes.

Dazed Digital: What's it been like working on '936', what were your main influences on this latest release, what's your creative process like?
Peaking Lights:
Our influences are mainly old stuff a lot of obscure stuff, we're pretty open, we like good music. We get pretty focused on the rhythms when we write, we break things down a lot, it takes time for us to compose, we like songs that are smooth rides less jagged, less aggression, whatever that means.

WHAT's ...
... your worst vice?

Both: Hedonists don't believe in vices

... your secret talent?
Aaron: Cooking
Indra: Photography

... your favourite snack?
Both: Something light and healthy to feel good like leafy greens.

... do you do to kill time?
Both: Listen to records, paint, jam, I'll be going to the beach a lot once we get back to the west coast, indra roles photo styles, lots of hanging with our son

WHO ...
... are you listening to at the moment?
We've been in the studio working on a new record this last month so outside listening has been slim.

... would you most want to collaborate with, living or dead?
Both: [The] list is super long…. ranges from A to Z and decade/century 0 to 0 plus and minus. we love checking other perspectives there's so much good music in the world!

... would you describe your sound, to my deaf, old grandad?
it's something you feel, body music dude.