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Klasse Records: Luca Lozano

We get an exclusive track stream of Mr Ho's remix ahead of the release of Klasse Records' debut compilation

With their release tally only just reaching double figures, Klasse Recordings has already won a number of highly influential and understandably enthusiastic fans. The likes of Julio Bashmore, Claude Vonstroke, Robert Owens and Seth Troxler to name but a few have all lavished praise on the label fronted by Zombie Disco Squad’s Luca Lozano, Mr Ho and Daniel Zedelmair – who is also behind the increasingly exciting Jackmode, based in Berlin.

The label prides itself on acknowledging the intricacies and skills required to create glorious house and techno music, and now, from the top of the Klasse, let Luca take us through what it’s been like at the beginning of this new imprint and what we can expect from them in the future. Klasse is also grounded in the German party and political capital, and are set to celebrate their previous releases with a twist - in the form of KLSUNDERGROUND. This is the first in the series of planned compilations, comprising of 5 brand new tracks and 3 beatport exclusive re-edits of some of their dance floor smashers to date.

Dazed Digital: How has the label progressed since its inception?
Luca Lozano: Slowly and steadily, just the way we want it to! Musically it has been an interesting journey, I have been meeting with some of my favourite producers and a lot of them talk about the 'Klasse sound' which is surpising and great to hear. The idea is to grow Klasse in a natural way and hopefully it will stand the test of time and the test of fashion, we arent in a rush.

DD: How would you describe the new compilation in one sentence?
Luca Lozano: Not your average bunch of 7 and half minute tech-house tracks.

DD: What/who are you listening to at the moment?
Luca Lozano: I try not to listen to TOO much dance music as I feel it distracts and detracts from my own music, but I cant help but notice the amazing dope productions of people like Kris Wadsworth, Jordan Peak, Darius Syrossian and all the Klasse artists....I spend most of my time listening to 'normal' music, most of it is at least 20 years old. Golden era hip hop like The Juggaknots, Camp Lo, A Tribe Called Quest and all the others, I also listen to a lot of old US Hardcore....Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Chain of Strength and all that good stuff, it provides a nice balance for me.

DD: Any up & coming acts should we be looking out for?
Luca Lozano: I would highly recommend you keep an eye out for Viadrina, a Polish duo making lovely melodic deep house, we at Klasse are lucky enough to be releasing something from them next February.....they are two young producers with great talent and great potential.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Luca Lozano: Holing myself up in the studio for winter and making some more music! I may or may not be working on an album and really wanna get the framework for that down...

Text by Will Gilgrass