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Photo by Damon Cromer

Chairlift / Boiler Room

The Brooklyn duo play Corsica Studios tonight ahead of their new album release on Young Turks

Brooklyn duo 'Chairlift' aka Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly will be releasing their new album on Young Turks this January 2012. You may recognise Polachek's voice from the recent collaboration with Washed Out on his ethereal track ‘You and I’, whilst Wimberly produced New York's Das Racist’s album ‘Relax’. After more than 18 months of recording, Chairlift now return with a new album called ‘Something’. Fresh off an American tour with James Blake, the duo will be playing on tonight's Boiler Room show at Corsica Studios with the likes of John Talabot, Jamie Jones and Doldrums before hitting Manchester's Sound Control and London's Electrowerkz.


...your secret talent?
Fake French accent. Have used it to get out of all sorts of situations. British isn't bad either, but I have yet to get regional enough to be fully convincing. Work in progress...

...your worst vice?

Diet Coke. It's so gross, but somehow it keeps calling my name.

…the story behind your name?

A long, slow panoramic ride over changing terrain.

... your favourite sound?

The windchimes on the back door of my childhood home.

...your worst fashion secret?

Backpack and heels at the same time... not a secret. Oof.

...your favourite website?

Google image search.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Salad pizza. It's pizza with a salad on it. It sounds boring, but it's delicious, and almost impossible to find in NY. Have to go to this one place in CT to find it proper. the top of your shit list?

Cop demeanor. I watched an old man fall and bash his head last week in the subway, there was blood everywhere. Obviously he'd had a few drinks, but the cops talked to him like a dispicable animal, when he was in need of serious help. "Have you been drinking, sir"? "Where have you been tonight"?. Meanwhile you can see his skull through the wound, it was awful.

...are you listening to now?

Sensation's Fix, Class Actress, Anika.

How would you describe your work?

In a gentle tone of voice. With pauses for added drama, and a powerpoint slideshow if available.

‘Something’ is out January 23rd in the UK on Young Turks and January 24th on Columbia Records for the rest of the world