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Subeena: Opit Records

We speak to the 'UK bass' producer releasing the new album from Milyoo on her fledgling label, Opit Records, alongside a giveaway of an exclusive remix by Damu

Besides gracing label Planet Mu with her own music, London-based 'UK bass' producer Subeena aka Sabina Plamenova also co-founded her own Immigrant Recordings (which was then re-named Imminent), featuring an eclectic array of up & coming electronic acts. Now back with her new label Opit having released the likes of Circle Traps, the next offering comes from Milyoo with his album 'Archeology'. Here we present an exclusive remix from Damu for download and speak to the label honcho about what ticks her off and her secret history of dodgy dreadlocks...

...your secret talent?
Selective memory. It can be my talent and my curse. I also used to think I was great at doing impressions... when being dropped off at school early in the morning I remember entertaining my teachers by speaking like the school cooks. I thought their accent was really funny. Wasn't nice of me... and figure ice skating. Haven't done it in ages though.
...your worst vice?

Getting obsessed with the things I like might be one. Then the internet. That's probably the worst one. Eating edamame beans on my way back from the gym was another one. I quit though.

... your favourite sound?
I don't think I ever thought about it. I'm good at remembering the ones I don't like. I think water while you're underwater sounds nice.
...your favourite website?

I need a favourite website. And a favourite blog.
... good for breakfast?

Croissant and cappuccino. The croissants you buy in Italy though. I think it's one of the few Italian cliches I stick to.

...your worst fashion secret?

There were lots of embarrassing ones when I was a kid, I've removed most of them from my memory. One was wearing short (as in half leg length) trousers on top of long trousers. I think it made us feel like pseudo squatters for some reason.

There's the hairdos topic too. Before having dreadlocks done as a teenager I remember doing some sort of fake dreadlocks made of some kind of thick cotton / wool thread. I think mine were like.. black and pink maybe but I think my mate got them green and purple. I even remember charging this other girl for doing them to her. Poor girl. I think I probably missed out on a potential career.

...the best thing about where you're from?

It looks quite nice. People who get the cheeky/slightly rude sense of humour right make it quite enjoyable as well. the top of your shit list?

My shit list is quite full and divided into specific sectors. Three recurring ones, in no particular oder, are:
People next to me on the bus taking up my half my seat and / or jumping the queue. Things I read on the internet. The temperature of my bedroom in the winter. Residents of my shit list are arrogant and / or fake people.

...are you listening to now?

I'm mostly a 1 tune listener. Makes it hard to remember anything. I also have tunes of which I only like 1 min. But really only like that minute. I listened to Azealia Banks this morning, but generally I've been listening back to stuff I liked in the past. It seems to help me get ideas for my own work. To make it easier, here is a list of tunes I posted on my Facebook page recently:

Massive Attack + Mos Def "I against I"
Maria Minerva "California Scheming"
Gonjasufi "Change"
Pulse X
Games "Strawberry skies"
Ramp "Daylight"

How would you describe your work?
I once agreed with a journalist that 'UK bass' seemed like a decent compromise. So broad it happily lets you give up any responsibility when describing it but you're not hurting anyone's pride. I don't think I've had a reply to this question over the past 3 or 4 years. I guess it's...moderately beat driven electronic music with melodies and vocals on it.

Photo by Chiara Fossati