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Kyle Hall: Movement

The dashing young producer is set to bring his deepest house sounds straight outta Detroit to Torino's Movement Festival

So much more than just another house producer hailing from Detroit, Kyle Hall has already reached a level of worldwide musical acclaim at the age of 20, making us all feel slightly disgusted with ourselves, and rightly so. Having set out in the music scene when he was 11-years-old, the producer and DJ basked in early support from the likes of Omar S who released his debut record on his FXHE label (Luke Hess, Marcellus Pittman). Hall's widely varying influences from hip hop to funk, soul and jazz are evident across his deep and melodic house creations, as well as in his versatile DJing style such as his stellar Boiler Room set.

Alongside releasing on his own Wild Oats imprint, his remixes for the likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble's L.O.V.E and Darkstar’s Aidy’s Girl is a Computer landed him on Kode9's prestigious Hyperdub to Warp, Clone Records, and Hypercolour. This weekend from Thursday 27th October, catch him playing alongside the likes of Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Visionquest, Space Dimension Controller and Derrick May at Torino's Movement Festival as it travels from its hometown to Europe.

Dazed Digital: Do you listen to a lot of dance/electronic music in your own time?
Kyle Hall:
 I listen to tons of electronic music... I'd say a good 80 per cent of music I listen to is some way electronic related. Electronics is my favourite thing to happen to music! 

DD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Kyle Hall: More of who is a better question... Herbie Hancock, Change, Pirahnahead, Real by Real, Patrice Rushen, Funkineven, Floating Points, Karizma, Funkineven, Manuel Gonzales, Gifted and Blessed, Space Dimension Controller, Steve Poindexter, Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being, Debiase, Jay Simon, Doris Norton, Penny Wells, Alexander Robotnick.

DD: Who inspires you and your music, if anyone?
Kyle Hall: People who really care about what they do inspire me!

DD: What is the best thing about where you're from?
Kyle Hall: The best part about where I'm from is the peace, quiet and open space here. When I'm home there's plenty of mental space for me to think and get in touch with my inner thoughts.

DD: What do you like to do on a day off?
Kyle Hall: I never really have a day off. I'm always doing something that's related to music in some form. I do have more leisurely times though, so I guess those times would include me doing things such as record shopping, hanging out with my girlfriend, eating good meals, watching Netflix.

DD: If in doubt, play ____?
Kyle Hall: Soundmaster T - 'Too Much Booty in the Pants', and Kano - 'I'm Ready'

DD: What are you most excited about right now?
Kyle Hall: Making music and pressing vinyl records! Wooo! Records!

DD: Top 3 tracks for the winter?
Kyle Hall: Funkineven - Beat Crash (Apron Records) / Jay Simon - "Faith" (Wild Oats) / Floating Points - Danger (Eglo)

DD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Kyle Hall: Chilling and making really wonderful music and eating good food. Driving nice cars, seeing friends... being happy!

Kyle Hall plays the Torino Movement Festival: Thursday 27th October - 31st October, and the upcoming Cocoon party at In:Motion with the likes of Tiefschwarz, Dinky and Onur Ozer on 10th December in Bristol.