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The Manchester based five-piece talk about their European tour and the release of their third single, 'White Lies'

Taking dance floor synths through a cataclysm of intricate pop rituals is the mindful (and mouthful) description when explaining the infectious sounds of MAY68. With their revolutionary insinuations many may read out of context to think that MAY68 have come to take the top, however tedious comparisons could be made here. Much like the Parisian uprising, MAY68 deliver a trance-like punch that galvanizes those around, breathing frenetic energy through the rich layered synths, fast beats and the enigmatic lead voice of Judy Wainwright.

Despite this intent, there is no mistaking the Manchester based five-piece yield an impressively crafted formula that works when applying these sensibilities. Having just come off tour with Chk Chk Chk, MAY68 have just released their third single, 'White Lies', on Black Duck Records along with a B-side remix by Patterns. We had a chat with them to find out more...

Dazed Digital: How did MAY68 come together?
We all met while pursuing various creative projects in Manchester, the idea of a band started bouncing around and we all decided that it had to see the light of day. We basically spent all winter locked in a mill in Ancoats shaping our sound before our first gig three months later.

DD: Described as one of Manchester's finest exports, you cradle an infectious electronic pop sound. Where do these sensibilities come from?

We've all grown up listening to a lot of music but one of the main drives in our music is the need to make it fun. We love playing live and when a crowd can get involved and dance it makes it all the better. We have been listening to a lot of New-York disco and Chicago house recently but secretly we've all been suckers for a good pop song.

DD: Having toured around Europe earlier this year, what have been your highlights so far?
Europe has always been amazing for us and we love it every time we're over there. We headlined the Theatron Festival in Munich this summer which was ridiculously good, we played in this amphitheatre style stage in the grounds of the Olympic park, the sun was out and the crowd were super enthusiastic. The other highlight would have to be supporting Chk Chk Chk at the Festival Do Norte in Spain in the spring where Jude got the opportunity to go and perform with them while they played Yadnus, one of her favourite songs.

DD: You're releasing your third single later this month with Black Duck Records, can you tell us more? 

 'White Lies' was one of the first tracks we wrote and we've been reworking it as we've been growing as a band. It's an ode to late night debauchery, dilated pupils, back streets and unsavoury characters. We were really excited with a remix (insert patterns remix attached in email) that we got back from our friends Patterns who are certainly a band to watch out for, you guys will be the first to listen to it here, and it’s one we've been keeping under our hats for a while.

DD: What are your plans after the single launch, is there an album to follow?

The single comes out on Oct 17th and we will be having a very special launch party at Islington Mill in Salford on the 5th November to celebrate. It'll be our first opportunity to preview some new tracks from the album which we have been working on for the last few months. Hopefully there should be a finished record for people to listen to early next year.

DD: Can you give any recommendations about what to listen to in order to get through this coming autumn season?
Patterns just released their first single, it's called 'Induction' and it's great so check it out. Otherwise we seriously recommend Planningtorock, Azari & III and Joakim's most recent albums.