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Zola Jesus Recommends

The tiny songstress gives us her recommendations after the recent release of her third album 'Conatus' on Sacred Bones

Zola Jesus is proof that good things come in small sizes. Despite her tiny frame, wispy nature and a blonde mane barely able to disguise her dark matter, she has called the music industry to attention with her piercing voice and had us enraptured since the release of her debut album,‘The Spoils’ in 2009. A few weeks back she released her third studio album, ‘Conatus’ on Souterrain Transmissions. Produced by Brian "Nudge" Foote of Jackie-O Motherfucker fame and Zola herself, the record is a deconstructed ode to her nature/nurture conflict: unashamed pop ambitions but with a flash towards her innate autonomy, hinting at her spartan, isolated childhood living on acres of woodland in the cold Wisconsin landscape.

Though young and not yet fully formed, when it comes to her music, Zola Jesus throws caution to the wind, and makes up for her young years with a talent to bewitch, and a steely determination to carve out her very own and unique path. With her latest offering already on repeat in the Dazed office, we met up with Zola to hear what’s on her radar for the new year...

Can you recommend...

... three new bands/artists?
1. Sandwell District
2. Alberich
3. Sleeparchive

... three old bands/artists?
1. Brainbombs
2. Otto Luening
3. Art Of Noise

... a record label?

... a website?

... a film?

Possession (1981) by Andrzej Zulawski

 ... a book?

Drowned World by J.G. Ballard

 ... something on YouTube?

... a radio show?

Alien Air Music on KXLU

 ...a beverage of choice?

Black coffee

 ... something to do on a day off?

Be alone.

 ... a song everyone should hear?

"Hallelujah" by Alabama Sacred Harp Singers