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Roman Flügel Top 5

The iconic techno producer/DJ picks out his top five tracks of the moment for us ahead of his Robert Johnson Night with Ivan Smagghe and Arto Mwambe

Roman Flügel is the producer and DJ who constantly re-invents himself. Under a number of different aliases he has crafted the starkest acid, weirdest techno and most delightful house for labels like Playhouse, Curle and Klang Elektronik. Having also mix up an esteemed edition of the Live at Robert Johnson compilation series, the German’s latest project has been his full length, Fatty Folders, on Hamburg’s Dial.

Given his close association to the aforementioned Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, it’s no wonder he has been handpicked to represent the club at a special Krush Presents LARJ party in London on September 24th alongside Ivan Smagghe, Arto Mwambe and Ata.  Ahead of the event we asked Roman about his current top five favourite records….

1. Radius EP – Dark Sky [50 Weapons]

Stunning release from London based trio Dark Sky on Modeselector’s 50 Weapons stable.  A track called “The Lick” is my absolute favourite. Why? Because it transfers the best moments of the early Nightmares on Wax into our present

2. ‘In Order Of More Depth’ - Massimiliano Pagliara - (B.H.F.V Remix) [Live at Robert Jonson]

Oliver Hafenbauer, Live at Robert Johnson label manager, and his production partner Chris (part of Arto Mwambe) show their skills in a brilliant remix. With it’s broken electro beat and the big melody taken from the original and transposed into a massive bass line it is part of a sound that seems to be more and more featured at “our” beloved Club.

3. ‘Pyramid’ - Instra:mental [3024]

Quite simple but somehow dirty, sexy and very effective. This could be old but it seems that after the revival of house vibes the ‘old’ vibes of techno could be the new ‘new’ again. Thinking about this I find it much more interesting than pretending that electronic music has to be ‘futuristic’ in general.

4. ‘Aclblxxx’ - Fuck Yonkers [Audio Culture]

Haven’t heard of these guys before but this is another very very good record coming from Amsterdam, home of the brave. 

5.’Polee’ – Matthew Styles [Running Back]

A big Synth line in the center some moody strings on top. This will be great during sunrise at every club that offers at least some daylight. Check out the whole release since every track is a killer.

Robert Johnson Night with… Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel, Arto Mwambe, Ata, Nikos and more; September 24 - Krush at TBA in East London.