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Com Truise

Moving on from his short-lived film career, the American producer focuses on synthy sounds influenced by the likes of Joy Division and Cocteau Twins

Based in Princeton, New Jersey and currently working full time on the latest in a series of solo projects, designer and producer Seth Haley, aka Com Truise, continues to experiment with brilliantly nostalgic chill-wave ‘slow motion funk’ in his latest album 'Galactic Melt'. Influenced by a number of bands picked up from his parents record collection – including Joy Divison, the Cocteau Twins and New Order – as well as by contemporaries such as Onra and Neon Indian, each track on this latest release doses you out a thick helping of synth occasionally punctuated by soft drum beats or the odd distorted sample, making you feel like you’re drift-driving through space in Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC.

Dazed Digital: Having spent nearly three years in the making, how does it feel now that Galactic Melt is finally finished? Are you glad to have it out the way so that you can start working on the next album, or do you miss it now that's it gone?
Com Truise:
It feels great, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'm really looking forward to working on some new music, it's been rough with all the touring.  I'm still trying to find the best way to write on the road.  I'm just really starting to collect my ideas and trying to find new ways to push myself.

DD: You've said before, 'it's not about the name, it's about the music', but what is the story behind Com Truise? You've had a lot of pseudonyms, what made you pick this one in particular?

Com Truise: They story is basically that the name started out as a joke with some friends of mine, it came at a time where I felt ready to toss some new music into the world and I decided to settle on 'Com Truise'. I definitely chose this pseudonym out of a sheer laugh with no intentions for this project, I was pretty set with how my life was going, and I somehow caught a wave, and I'm riding that wave as long as I can.

DD: What are you looking forward to most about the tour with Neon Indian? Do you feel like you both share a lot of similar influences? Who else would you most like to tour with?
Com Truise:
Really stoked to hear the new album live, and excited to spend some quality synth-talking-time with Alan.  We share similar influences, but I think we just draw from different angles. I'm not really sure who else I'd like to tour with, I think touring with Gatekeeper or Zombi would be pretty gnarly. Daft Punk?

DD: How would you describe your work?
Com Truise: It's a cross-pollination of then and now. It's based on the systems control every aspect of existence.  The fear of the future, longing for the past.  Memories built from a mental collage.  Tapping into some unknown collective part of people’s music reception centers.


... At the top of your shit list?
Feta Cheese

... Your wish list?
Elka Synthex

... Your favourite snack?
Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

... Your favourite website?
Matrix Synth

... Your favourite track for the summer?
Boards Of Canada - Roygbiv

... Your favourite sound?
The Sequential Circuts Drumtraks Rim, detuned all the way with some giant gateverb on it.

... Did you want to be when you grew up?
A highway construction worker.

... The best piece of advice you've ever had?
Just do you.

Text by Thomas Curry