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In collaboration with Mixcloud, the worldwide On Air mixtape series opens up to the public

Brought to you by Dazed and Swatch, Satellite Voices is our one-of-a-kind global platform for worldwide local inspiration. Representing the very best underground and established creative and cultural talent from Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai and Santiago, across art & design, fashion, music, culture, film and photography, since the launch of Satellite Voices six months ago, our global network of writers have delved deep to support local heros.

When we launched the Satellite Voices: On Air mix series, we did so to lead the charge for all the incredible DJs and producers from each of the SV cities. From 19-year-old Paris electro young guns like Manare to the fifth dimension, cosmic beats of Tokyo’s mfp, Moscow nightlife legends like Taras 3000 to Munich house stalwarts like Gomma’s Munk and DJ Hell.

Collaborating with our On Air series partners Mixcloud, if you are based in any of the Satellite Voices cities above, we want you to use the On Air Mixcloud platform to host your own mixes, and the Satellite Voices team will feature and interview the DJs behind our favourites in a new monthly guest column on

Simply upload your mixes to your account and tag with the relevant city tags below. These will pop up in the Satellite Voices stream and every month we will profile our favourite mixes. The first guest selection will be chosen on Monday September 22.

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Satellite Voices Tokyo
Satellite Voices Moscow
Satellite Voices Rome
Satellite Voices Munich
Satellite Voices Dubai
Satellite Voices Shanghai
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