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Hunee x FYB

Expect deep disco sounds from the Korean-born, Berlin-based producer set to play the next Fill Yer Boots in South London this Saturday

Known for his deep rumbling disco grooves and mellifluous house selections, Berlin-based, Korean-born Hunee has graced prestigious labels such as the likes of Permanent Vacation, Prins Thomas' Internasjonal, and Berlin's Ostgut Ton. As a rare chance to catch him playing in London, this Saturday sees the next instalment of fast-rising house and bass night with the finest line-ups, Fill Yer Boots, at South London's Plan B, also featuring We Play House's San Soda (one half of FCL with Red D), with smooth DJ duo Thick As Thieves, Leisureware, and Daniel Ghazvinie in support.


...your secret talent?
Natural excitement.

...your worst vice?
Not knowing when to stop.

…the story behind your name?
Just wanna clear up the phonetics on this one, it’s Hunee like 'who-knee', and not 'honey'. I like the sound of my name. 

... your favourite sound?
Water, splashing in the shower, boiling for tea, crashing waves, the ocean in general, I really like water.

...your worst fashion secret?
I don’t care enough about it.

...your favourite website?
I would like to say the New York Times or Le Monde, but it’s Discogs! Especially Discogs connected to Youtube. It’s a wonderful thing to learn and spend money.

... good for breakfast?
Tahini, Tahini and Honey no doubt! You need these proteins to make babies and records.

...the best thing about where you're from?
My mom. the top of your shit list?
Wow, what is a shit list? Do you mean a hit list? I am not too fond of making charts and hit lists of records for several reasons, but I like to read them sometimes. Anyhow, well... a shit list, that's strong. There are things I don't like: vernissages, soccer fans, talking in clubs, caviar, guestlists, dance music reviews, party pics, waiting in queues, souvenirs, avatar, body building, tote bags, DJ controllers, commercialisation of disco edits, drink tickets, dry bread, complaining, television, modern art, festivals, tattoos, Rambo, guitar soli, Horowitz, funny jokes, cliches, magazine polls, streetwear, oyster, cameras in clubs, movies about artists, poetry slams, eating innards, service numbers, beer, public transport, charity events, Herbert von Karajan, coffee.

For my hit list though, I like: bicycles, airports, the early morning, cranberries, picknicks, lakes, Eric Dolphy, reading in the bathtub, olive oil, the music and writing of Glenn Gould, postcards, melanzane pizza, David Oistrakh, desolate train stations, balloons, open air cinema, wine, la mo – queen of falafel, swimming, moholy-nagy, interviews with Fellini, DJing in the east, kitchen smell, curly hair, record stores, Thelonious Monk, sleeping, Montreal (in summer), morricone, dollar bins, Rocky, pho soup, cats, storytelling, ice cream, not sleeping, fresh fish, Kafka, washing dishes, green tea, dancing, mangos, rooftops, box sets, Bunuel, songs, big beds, white sheets, sand.

...are you listening to now?
Never on Sunday – The Journey. Been listening to this track the last 2-3 days. It’s an old techno track by Octave One, although most of the time, I don’t get the distinction between old house and techno tracks. Anyhow, beautiful record, will definitely bring it to the London party, you gotta hear it!

How would you describe your work?
Get up and do it.

Plan B, Brixton, Saturday 10th September, 10pm-5am; £8 Resident Advisor, £10 on the door.