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Lorca Exclusive Mix

Brighton's finest 2-step tinged electronica producer presents a new mix featuring his own lush emotive sounds

Pulsing between atmospheric swells, voluminous vocals and a discerning 2-step framework, we find London-born Brighton-bred newcomer Sam Cassman aka Lorca with absolutely zero contrivance and a surplus of potential. His simultaneously soothing and surging EP contains 'Moments', which should be prescribed on the NHS in place of prozac, and 'Hold Back' on Left Blank which is a more sombre affair - rattling and echoing away, flanked by a church-like organ (also present on 'Giant Star'). We asked him to make a mix for us, which you can listen to below, as well as providing a little bit of info on this exciting young producer.

WHAT'S ...
... the story behind your name?

Lorca is actually the name of the houseboat I grew up living on! The boat was named after the Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca.

... your secret talent?
I play a mean blues guitar.

... your current obsession?

Old house records, as you can probably tell from the mix...

... your worst habit?

Not saving tunes when I've spent hours on them!

... at the top of your shit list?

DJ'ing on a laptop! Sorry Virtual DJ's

... at the top of your wish list?

A decent studio space to work in!

... your favourite website? (I love E-Cgis)

... your track for the summer?

Scuba - Adrenaline

WHO ...
... is your dream collaborator?

Bill Withers

... would you be if you could be anyone for just 24 hours?

Jimi Hendrix

Lorca - Hold Back (Left_Blank)
Pirahnahead - self conscience (Third Ear Recordings)
Wbeeza - Coast Spotting (Forthcoming Third Ear Recordings)
Willie Ninja - Hot (Murk Mix) (Nervous Records)
Tribal Liberation - Tribal Drums (Trax Power Music)
Logic - Blues for You (Strictly Rhyhtm)
Reel 2 Real - Buddha Anthem (Strictly Rhyhtm)
James Fox - New Jack Swing (Well Rounded Housing Project)
Lorca - Moments (Accapella) (Live Ones)
Disclousure - I Love That You Know