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Greco-Roman Exclusive Mix

Full Nelson from the London imprint makes an exclusive mix for us featuring the likes of Joe Goddard and Ragga Twins and chats to us about their future sounds

Set to play this weekend's Festibelly Festival, London's finest Greco-Roman record label have created a unique exclusive mix for Dazed, featuring the likes of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, Ragga Twins, and deep house prodigy Maya Jane Coles. Having brought us the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Drums of Death, and Enchante, the label honchos are set to continue the trend of bringing eclectic pop-influenced electronic music to the fore. We speak to Alexander 'Full Nelson' Waldron from the label about the upcoming weekend and the origins behind the label.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us a bit about the mix?
Alexander Greco-Roman:
We are looking forward to playing a few gigs in the UK this weekend, in particular Festibelly and Notting Hill Carnival for the first time. So I went off on a summery, dubby UK tip, I guess, but I tried to keep it laid back and deep so that all my friends in my hometown of Berlin will like it too! It's only 30 minutes but there's pretty much everything in there: robo dub, gospel, hip house, carnival techno and the latest singles on our label all thrown in...  pretty much exactly how we DJ.

DD: How do you find and/or pick your artists?
Alexander Greco-Roman: We never actually set out to be a record label and we don't actively look for artists, but we all work in music and they do seem to come out of the shadows every now and again. Greco-Roman is three people - myself, Dom Mentsh and Joe Goddard - all of us have to like something in order to sign it.

DD: Is there something in common that runs through all your signings or a sound you’re looking for?
Alexander Greco-Roman: We release electronic music but that doesn't necessarily mean dance music. We look for diverse acts with good visual presentation and live shows, we can't be bothered with DJs in baseball caps.

DD: What gap does Greco-Roman fill, if any?
Alexander Greco-Roman: Leftfield electronic pop music that sounds good on the radio.

DD: What's the story behind the name?
Alexander Greco-Roman: 'Greco-Roman' is an olympic wrestling form performed on the seat of Mount Olympus for the Gods, in whose eyes everyone is equal. Originally it was the name that Joe Chip and I had when we DJ'd together as we thought we were like two sweaty wrestlers, but Hot Chip took off and I moved to Berlin so that quickly changed into a party by the same name in London and Berlin with our mutual friend and MC Dom Mentsh, and then a record label.

DD: How do you feel your sound has changed or progressed over time?
Alexander Greco-Roman: We are maturing! Seriously though, we are getting better at what we do. And no more facepaint.

DD: What's next?
Alexander Greco-Roman: Greco-Roman comic book and broadway musical.

Greco-Roman Soundsystem DJ Mix by Full Nelson Tracklist
1. Ragga Twins 'Super Greco-Roman Intro'
2. Robotiks 'Echoes of Deaf Journalists' (Ariwa)
3. Lee Scratch Perry 'Come In' (Ariwa)
4. White Label
5. Joe Goddard feat. Valentina 'Gabriel' (Greco-Roman)
6. Maya Jane Coles 'Come Down' (Dogmatik)
7. Nightmares On Wax 'Biofeedback' (Warp)
8. Sax 'Don't Turn Your Back On Me (Funny Bone Pop)' (Loud House)
9. Roman Fluegel 'Bahia Blues Bootcamp' (Dial)
10. Kidkut 'Get Sum' (Well Rounded)
11. Hackman 'Close' (Greco-Roman)

Download the mix here. Greco-Roman Soundsystem will be playing alongside the likes of New Young Pony Club, Ghostpoet and James Yuill at Festibelly in the New Forest, Hampshire this weekend, Saturday August 27th 2011