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Enchante: Video Premiere

We present exclusive shots of the new London-based Greco-Roman signing by photographer Emli Bendixen alongside his new video for 'Swaynes Lane'

This 24-year-old began life under Italo-pop pretensions as 'Louis Enchanté'. However, Enchante soon dropped the accent and the first name to engage with a sound that is unmistakably more familiar with his North London heritage. Explaining to us how the hidden gems of London present themselves through obscure realities, we get the indication that Enchante sees no end to the possibilities within the city he endears so much, as heard in his new release 'Swaynes Lane' on Greco-Roman. Our London-based photographer Emli Bendixen met him last week to bring Dazed Digital some exclusive imagery premiering Enchante’s new release and video...

  ...your secret talent?

Making banana bread.

...your worst vice?
Besides the usual my worst vice is probably tea, I've gone through stages of drinking black tea by the pint glass.

…the story behind your name?
I used to play a lot of Freestyle, Italo and  Boogie records and came up with the name Louis Enchante when I was DJing that stuff, it seemed to fit, I thought it sounded like a DJ from Rimini or something. I was making songs influenced by 80s synth music at the time but now that i am making music that sounds more like its from the UK than Italy I've shortened it to Enchante, reminds me of names from pirate radio like DeJavu, I also dropped the French accent so you can say it London.

... your favourite sound?

In the club: Top Nice sound. In dance music: Sampled chords pushed to new places. In the home: radio 4
...your worst fashion secret?

Purple jeans, its good to look like a complete wanker every now and then

...your favourite website?
I don't spend that much time online and the websites I use aren't really notable, googlemaps is a pretty insane and amazing thing and Discogs is not boring.

... good for breakfast?
Do you know what is really good for breakfast? Duck eggs on black pudding on fried toast.  

...the best thing about where you're from?
London - I'm a London lover, there is not one best thing about London. You can never stop finding new things and new parts of town. I used to go out to the North Circular road and just walk around and see what happened. Usually not much, a few times I went to a Somali social club where we chewed some Chat and talked about clubbing in Romford and watched the old guys play a version of pool with no cues. the top of your shit list?

How difficult they are trying to make it to put bikes on trains in this country. I've been thrown of trains twice recently with my bike.

...are you listening to now?
Shangaan Electro, Aramac, Henny Moan, Paul B. Davis

How would you describe your work?
Rough dance music.