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Scuba's All Substance

Catch the Hotflush boss at the 7th birthday celebrations from dollop at XOYO alongside Benji B, Bullion, and Snap, Crackle & Pop

Set to headline alongside Benji B and Bullion at the latest in the series of dollop's 7th Birthday celebrations, Hotflush honcho Paul Rose, better known as Scuba, will soon also be reaching his own third birthday for the label's SUB:STANCE night over in Berlin. Besides having founded the label on a tight roster championing the likes of Distance, Boxcutter and Toasty to the more recent additions of Mount Kimbie and Roska, Scuba has also built up his own solid reputation for churning out dark and heavy dub-influenced electronic tracks of the highest quality over the years. Don't sleep on catching him live this weekend at London's XOYO show with DJ support from Jon Rust and Snap, Crackle & Pop.

Dazed Digital: What has been influencing your music as of late? Or do you feel your creative process is entirely self-contained?
Scuba: The band that I've listened to the most this year has been Midnight Star, which has been feeding through in the studio a bit. Actually I've been having to stop myself going too far in that direction, there was a month or so where everything I was making sounded like it was 1985. I've also been battering the Pantha Du Prince album from last year, which I only first heard a couple of months ago. It's brilliant, probably the best album of 2010 I'd say.

DD: You've mentioned in our last interview that you weren't listening to much electronic music at the time. Do you think doing that helps you keep a different / more individual perspective on making electronic music?
Scuba: It's a balance I think. I don't listen to much, but sometimes listening to a great DJ set or something like that Pantha Du Prince album can be really inspiring. I came across a Move D set on my ipod the other day and had one of those moments listening to it. But generally when I'm making music the sounds and moods that come out don't really come from electronic stuff so much. Midnight Star have definitely had more of an effect on my music this year than any new electronic stuff.

DD: You're set to play another dollop party this week, what has been your most memorable gig/DJ experience so far?
Scuba: Labyrinth festival in Japan last year was pretty special. It's in a ski resort a few hours north of Tokyo, really picturesque, and they only sell about 5000 tickets for this big site so there's tons of space - it's not like a normal festival where everything is crammed together and it's more of an endurance contest. There's only one stage which is a big teepee and it's got a a properly good system... I played 3 hours of all sorts of different stuff, from Autonomic dnb through techno to dubsteppy stuff and they really got into all of it. Definitely one of the best gigs last year.

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Scuba: We've got the third birthday of the SUB:STANCE night at Berghain on July 15th, which is going to be great. And then on August 13th we're doing one in New York with the Blkmarket Membership guys. Can't wait for both of those.

dollop 7th Birthday Series: XOYO, Cowper St, London. Friday 10th June; 9pm - 3am