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Joy Orbison's Detroit Techno Jam

Back from his US tour, the South London producer returns with new releases on his label and headlines the next Black Atlantic

After last month’s marathon run across the US (from NYC to San Francisco and LA with a Coachella stop in between) South London’s techno prince rising, Joy Orbison returns to London this weekend with a double headliner show alongside Detroit’s finest, Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann. Bringing it back to an east London warehouse party organised by those good folk over at Black Atlantic, the underground club crew recently responsible for the madness that was Modeselektion London. The deep, Chicago house and Detroit techno-inspired future UK jams of Joy Orbison were made for this.

Dazed Digital: With the double bill headlining with Moodymann, what is it that you revere so much with his sets and the way he approaches his music and persona?
Joy Orbison:
I was really impressed by the way he can make even the biggest spaces feel really intimate. You can tell he gives a lot of himself when he plays, it's impressive while still being really welcoming. It's rare that DJs live up to the hype but he's been amazing every time I've seen him.

DD: What are some of your Moodymann track highlights?
Joy Orbison:
“Don't Be Misled!” (KDJ 7), “Music Is ... Moodymann” (MU 001), “Forevernevermore” (KDJ-19), “Soul Sounds” (SLSS 002).

DD: Can you talk about your love of the history of Detroit and Chicago house and techno?
Joy Orbison:
I've been collecting old house and techno records for quite a while now. I think it shares a lot of the qualities that really excited me about UK garage and jungle when I was younger. It's kind of hard to not obsess over something that vast and diverse.

DD: When did you hook up with Will Bankhead? What do you guys share in common about your creative approaches?
Joy Orbison:
I met Will a year or two ago through a mutual friend, he lives down the road from me so we hang out quite a lot. He's had a massive influence on the way I work and introduced me to so much music. Still don't know how we managed to convince him to do our artwork. I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to share that much in common with Will creatively, generally he'll introduce me to something and I'll obsess over it... which works for me.

DD: What’s next for Doldrums? And what’s next release-wise for you?
Joy Orbison:
We just put on a night out at Berghain last weekend, upstairs at Panorama Bar. There's another 12" from me on the way fairly soon and I've recently signed a few other bits from some artists I'm really excited about.

Joy Orbison - Ellipsis

Black Atlantic presents Moodymann, Joy Orbison and Photomachine at secret east London location on Saturday May 28th. Check out the facebook event for more information.

Photo by Will Bankhead, Trilogy Tapes