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Needwant's Mario Basanov

The young producer/DJ returns to the cult disco label with his ethereal new EP, 'Lonely Days'

Twenty-something year old Marijus Adomaitis’s alter-ego Mario Basanov has long been known amongst disco honchos on aptly named labels like Under The Shade, Endless Flight and Sean Brosnan’s Future Disco. Churning out beautiful slices of cosmic disco, his tracks like ‘Caribbean Girl’, and ‘Do You Remember?’ often feature uplifting vocals adding a pop element on top of the floating summer melodies.

His ethereal sounds flit between blissful Balearica and epic disco breakdowns to piano-led electronica flavours. As if Lithuanian pop stars and local dance celebrities weren’t credentials enough, the producer has also worked with the likes of DJ, radio host and promoter Vidis where their first production effort was a remix for Atjazz and House legend Robert Owens. Basanov now returns on Needwant to showcase his vocal talents for the first time with the summery as ever ‘Lonely Days’ as remixed by Drop Out Orchestra and Downtown Party Network.

Dazed Digital: Having quite a distinct sound rooted in disco, do you feel the music has evolved or progressed much since you first started producing?
Mario Basanov:
Some projects yes, some no. Nowadays, there is a lot of cheap production around. For example, when a track is given disco claps or played in standard octave with more Bass - it is called nudisco style right away. But actually, you can hear and feel the difference when you listen carefully to it. This kind of music I believe is empty and hasn’t got any feelings. In order to trace and experience the real disco style, you have to search for deep and proper meaning. There are a many complex different sounds that really reflect the style accurately.

In my opinion, many producers are seduced by the popularity and fame of Disco genre in today’s music industry. And as a result of that, they try to recreate it, (unfortunately without giving enough effort). So offering disco music to these projects is the easiest way to earn a great deal of money but they usually do not find the main, authentic aim of disco style. All in all, my main point is that these producers goal is not to create real, decent and good music, it is just to sell their stuff.

DD: What's the story behind the name?
Mario Basanov:
It is really simple, 12 years ago when my music projects had just begun I had to come up with a nickname. At that time I was keen on computer games and that is why I changed my real name Marijus to Mario. I also used to listen to the music style called Bossanova… and thats why I switched Adomaitis to Basanov.

DD: You've worked with quite a few other producers already, any dream collaborators such as vocalists etc?
Mario Basanov: My head is full of different projects, thoughts to create differently. My favourite singers are: Vikter Duplaix, Jamie Woon, Stevie Wonder, Omar, Clara Hill, Lisa Shaw... I would like to point out one of the projects/musicians/… that I really admire too: Metro Area - they create different and modern sounds that are deep, wet, chic. Also there are lots of famous projects looking up to them and following their works. I believe that “Metro Area – Miura” is a perfect example of how 'Underground' 'Nudisco' should sound. Owusu and Hannibal - Lonnie's Secret is also really great , high-quality song. Whole production of Owusu an Hannibal has deep/wet sound. And of course there are much more worthy and current producers and acts, like- D-Pulse, Art Of Tones, Downtown Party Network, Tape To Tape, Lindstrom, The Revenge etc.

DD: Current tracks on repeat?
Mario Basanov:
Oh Land - Wolf and I, Jamie Woon - Night Air, Usher - There Goes My Baby.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Mario Basanov: I love vinyl. I would like to not only release fifteen vinyl productions but more like fifty a year… Just kidding! Right now I’m excited about buying more equipment for the studio like synthesizers, compressors, limiters and etc. In other words, I’m always looking to improve my own studio.