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The Future of Disco

Mixed by Sean Brosnan, the latest addition to the Future Disco series arrives...

Noted for showcasing the best highlights in current electronic music, the Needwant label have been releasing their Future Disco mix series, winning dance music awards and hosting their own radio show. For their new Future Disco compilation 'City Heat', disco king Sean Brosnan returns to skillfully mix up a 16-track wonder. Featuring summery numbers from the likes of Todd Terje, Hamburg-based producer Tensnake to Crazy P and DFA's Ray Mang, Volume 3 of the series is a journey across electronic genres. Also making appearances are Greg Wilson (on an exclusive remix of Ilija Rudman's 'Call Me Tonight', a gloriously deep house-influenced number), disco edit lover The Revenge, and Holy Ghost! Dazed speak to Sean Brosnan about how he did it all and why...

Dazed Digital: What is Future about these disco tracks?

Sean Brosnan: They all take a bit of the past in their influence and sounds but make something suitable for today's dancefloors. There is as much in common on these tracks with house as disco. If you trace it all back, house came from
disco and now disco is coming from house, it's all one big disco merry-go-round spinning into the future.

DD: What do you think is particular to your DJ style?
Sean Brosnan: I like to keep the dancefloor grooving. Like being on a surf board out at sea. I try to tease you, give you a bit of excitement and then comes a big wave and you feel that rush of excitement that makes you want to do it all
over again. So back you go, wait a while and whoosh it comes again. I always keep it interesting.

DD: The mix CD has quite a few tracks on and is pretty diverse, is there anything you feel you've inevitably left out?
Sean Brosnan: Whenever you do compilations you go through the process of licensing all the tracks and for one reason or another a track can't be used. So an original list of say 25/30 is slowly dwindled down to 15/16. For me it's also what works together, I spent weeks on getting the mix perfect so I may find myself finding extra tracks with a certain tempos to fit with the structure.

Also what I often find the hardest is a lot of the tracks I want to use are edits, some more obvious than others. But this means a producer has taken the original track (usually an old disco cut) and added something extra for their own DJ use. This is near impossible to license so when I play live you will hear me play lots of edits but for the CDs it's all upfront new material.

DD: How do you feel about it winning the iTunes dance award?
Sean Brosnan: That was a real highlight last year! When you consider we were up against every dance album both artist and compilation released in 2009 it was a real honour for them to name Future Disco as the single best album of 09. That was the first release on the label (Needwant) also so was extra special. It's great of iTunes, because it's easy to pick the big boys but for them to pick what is an alternative album in the scheme of things, means they are listening to everything out there and in tune with what's going on. It's really refreshing when sometimes you feel like you are having to convince people each week this is great music.

DD: What's next for you at the moment?
Sean Brosnan: I'm just about to release a more Balearic inspired compilation album that I've been working on for a while as well a single from my production partnership F E T E, our first single The Islands is out this summer and
very summery, happy vibes. The singles are coming out thick and fast on the label and then Future Disco tours are keeping me busy, including our residency at Ministry of Sound which we will do four more times in 2010.