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Ford & Lopatin: 'World of Regret' Video Premiere

We present the bizarre acid-trip video for the NY duo's new single, taken from the debut album on Software/Mexican Summer

An epic product of Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin and Joel of Tigercity's years of childhood friendship, an unlikely teenage love of jazz-fusion and space disco, the duo 'formerly known as Games' have finally finished their debut LP entitled, 'Channel Pressure'. The futuristic sci-fi fantasy concept album on Software/Mexican Summer, focuses on their anti-hero Joey Rogers, ‘violent robo-jocks’ and super-computers to terrifying effect. Having geeked out on labels like Sky, Innovative Communication and ECM back in the day, their affinity for full-on 80s synthiness and experimental sounds can be heard in their new single, 'World of Regret', where you'll see the bonkers video for it here first. Catch what is bound to be an intense live show at the album launch party at BleeD Presents... in The Shacklewell Arms, pub du jour, in East London tomorrow night.

Dazed Digital: You tend to play with some mad 80s sounds, how do you endeavour to keep them modern - if that is what you aim to do?
Daniel Lopatin:
It happens pretty naturally since we're using computers to edit. Which is interesting because some of our cuts are tape-style, but more hyper and happen more often. It would take months of editing on a tape deck 20+ years ago.
Joel Ford: Yeah, the slice and dice aspect of what we're doing keeps it fresh. Glitch elements integrated into pop music.

DD: Your recommendations for Top Five lesser known 80s acts?
Daniel Lopatin: If I had to pick just one it might be Cube - Can Can In The Garden. We like a lot of one hit wonder European pop stuff so probably the ZYX italo and hi-NRG disco comps are a good starting point. There's also The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago compilation which is monsterous - like 15 volumes worth of Chicago tracks.
Joel Ford: Nik Kershaw, Michael Franks, The Manhattans. Do people know about these artists? I have no idea.

DD: Why do you work so well as a duo?
Daniel Lopatin: We've known each other since we were young so we've developed some very rudimentary mind reading abilities with one another. There's also a good division of labor thing happening - like we know when to evacuate the premises and let each other run with ideas without too much interference. I have a talent for falling asleep during playback. Joel is good at playing mini basketball. We are both good at ordering Thai.
Joel Ford: I specialise in Shrimp Pad Thai consumption. Anything with shrimp, really.

DD: How does the project differ from your own personal tastes/sounds in your solo work?
Daniel Lopatin: For me it's really obvious because there's not a lot of songwriting that happens in my solo work. But that is also a deceptive statement because a lot of what is perceived as songwriting in F&L is more or less jammed out or improvised and arranged while mixing. But it's certainly a lot more VVCV than what I do normally which is incredibly fun for me.
Joel Ford: Dan is a nasty pop writer. People will figure that out soon enough. In the past I've been heavily involved with writing for a band and playing instruments on stage in a more traditional "band" environment. The development of F&L has been really natural because we communicate musical ideas to each other so well. but its definitely a new zone for both of us. Writing and recording Channel Pressure was pretty smooth considering it was our first studio effort. Our engineer and long time friend Al Carlson helped make the transition from bedroom to studio super easy for us.

DD: What would you each be doing if you weren't making music?
Daniel Lopatin: Maybe I could be a chef?
Joel Ford: Fly Fishing Guide

DD: What are you most excited about now/next?
Daniel Lopatin: Our label, Software. We've got loads to do for that. Coming later this year are releases from Airbird, Harmonizer and Megafortress, Demdike Stare, Laurel Halo and Autre Ne Veut.

Ford & Lopatin "World of Regret" from Thunder Horse Video on Vimeo.

Directed by Thunderhorse Video
CGI by Tabor Robak

Ford & Lopatin play live at their 'Channel Pressure' launch party - BleeD Music Presents… tomorrow, Thursday 2nd June at The Shacklewell Arms, 71 Shacklewell Lane, London, E8 2EB