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Oneohtrix Point Never (New York, US)

Pioneering 'stresswave', Daniel Lopatin fuses ambient drone with Boards of Canada-esque melodies

Fusing proggy and ambient sounds with more accessible melodic samples against warbling sub-bass, Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never from Brooklyn has just released his 'Rifts' compilation comprising of his past LPs, catching the attention of FACT and RA where his mixes were featured. Having support from labels like Lo Recordings, his breed of ethereal IDM has pitched him amongst the likes of Actress to Autechre, and is set to release his next full-length 'Returnal'...

Q & A
... special about you?
I'm punctual.

... your worst vice?
Soda pop.

… the story behind your name?
I wanted something that was super indexable on Gooooooogle dot gov.

... the world coming to?
The world eternally returns. Nothing changes. Don't fear the reaper/age of aquarius/terrorism etcetera... Sorry MIA; I read your interview in Complex and I think you need to switch from linear to sacred time.

... good for breakfast?
Cold cucumber slices with a boiled egg, salt, pepper, russian black bread and a bit of mayo.

... your favourite website?

... better, analog or digital?
Whatever works. The gear doth not make the man....

... at the top of your shit list?

... are you listening to now?
Cleaners From Mars

How would you describe your work?