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Disclosure Exclusive Mix

The teenage producers present their double A-side fusing 2-step sounds with garage beats, all of which has been captured in their mix for us

If pop had the Jackson 5 and rock had Oasis, it stands to reason that Disclosure would be in the running to be the family unit at the forefront of forward-thinking dance, garage, 2-step or whatever the title du jour is. Coming completely out of leftfield last year with the aurally arresting 'Linstigator' in addition to their 'Offline Dexterity / Streetlight Chronicle' EP on Moshi Moshi, brothers Howard and Guy Laurence (16 and 19 respectively) are back with double A-side single ‘Carnival’ / ‘I Love That You Know’ on Transparent, which will almost certainly become staples of many a DJ set during this year's summer festival season. Moreover, the B-sides for this release (included in the exclusive mix below) demonstrates the versatility of this exciting, young fraternal outfit that seemingly are only just getting warmed up. We asked them to tell us a little about themselves - full disclosure:


...are your secret talents?
Guy: I can do a backflip on the floor… I used to do gymnastics
Howard: Whistling. I am a god at whistling…

...other artists have influenced your music?

Deep House and 90s Hip hop mainly… Nujabes, Gang Starr, Slum Village, 24 Hour Experience but of more recent times artists like Joy Orbison, Lone, Flying Lotus, Pearson Sound, Sepalcure… we could go on, but lets not.

...are the pros and cons of working with siblings?

Well we live together, so writing and practicing the live set is easy to arrange. We have similar ideas and tastes most of the time, but being brothers if we do disagree I guess the arguments can be a bit more personal and harsh than if they were just with a band mate or something. It's really no different than working in a normal band though we don't think… easier if anything. your favourite sound?

Like when you hit a tennis ball just right and it makes that perfect sound, thats up there. Howard says opening a coke, but I hate fizzy drinks so I don't care for that. Surly just a girl just moaning and groaning? Got to be most men's favourite. your favourite YouTube clip? your worst vice?
My car…it makes me poor.
Howard: At the moment, vinyl and festival tickets.

...the best thing about south London?

Chicken Palace. Oh, and driving through it at night with new tunes to listen to. the top of your shit list?

If this means things that piss us off… for one it would have to be the condition of turntables at most venues nowadays… it's fucking shocking.

...are you listening to now?

'Onra - Wonderland'. That whole album 'Long Distance' is sick.

...are you most looking forward to next?

Our first live show at Old Blue Last on the 28th May, and the many more to come after that!

Finish this sentence. 'Disclosure is...'?

The descriptive information imparted by the specification claims, drawings, and models submitted.

- Blue You
SCB - Loss
Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance
Prince Club - Love Jackson
Jack Dixon - Coconuts (Disclosure Remix)
Kevin McPhee - Get In With You
Maurice Donovan - Babeh
Disclosure - Untitled
Groove Theory - Tell Me (George Fitzgerald Remix)
Mosca - Square One VIP
Disclosure - My Intention Is War
Disclosure - Carnival