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Gatto Fritto Video Premiere: Lucifer Morning

Ben Wright exclusively showcases his new video and talks to us about Uruguay, LSD and Adam Ant

Ben Wright, better known as Gatto Fritto, crafts lucid electronica that easily falls in the ‘modern day Italo’ bracket. His self-titled debut was released on Uruguay-based niche electronica label International Feel last month, its first LP release. Specialising in 12”, it’s no surprise that holding the luxe 180g vinyl format with artwork by Phantom, is as rich a sensory experience as listening to it. Gatto Fritto first released music on Andy Blake’s now defunct Dissdent Records, a label that dealt only in analogue sounds and formats. He spoke to Dazed Digital about his creative process, his ancestor’s wanderlust and how he might start taking style tips from Adam Ant.

Dazed Digital: How did you end up being signed to International Feel?
Gatto Fritto:
Mark rang me about doing a remix for the label, we got on well and then we ended up doing the Hungry Ghost single with him... he's easy to work with, a nice guy and very motivated and hard working, it's been great doing the album with him... I can't imagine I would have got the same level of support with any other label.

DD: What's your life story in 20 words or less?
Gatto Fritto: Birth, loving mother, Now 8, Aldershot Town, LSD, Detroit Techno, drugs, violence, insanity, sex, despair, redemption, boredom, dancing, synthesizers, records, girls girls girls.

DD: International Feel is based in Uruguay - what's your favourite Uruguayan fact?
Gatto Fritto: No favourite fact... but I loved the brutality of their football team at Mexico '86.

DD: Are you really a 'Gatto Fritto' - or more of a hot dog? Please explain.
Gatto Fritto: I'm a human... a very handsome one (much better looking in real life than my press shots), recently single and looking for a wife.

DD: How has your sound changed since your earlier work (on the Dissident label)?
Gatto Fritto: The three tracks on Dissident were the first three that I finished, so hopefully it's developed a bit... there are more vocals... I decided that I don't care that I can't sing haha.

DD: What was the first record you bought - and do you still have it?
Gatto Fritto:  Adam Ant - Stand and Deliver. I don't have it any more, it was the soundtrack to me robbing my sister on the stairs wearing my highwayman's outfit... a strong look... I might resurrect it.

DD: The album is amazing - how long were you working on it for, and where? Did you produce it all yourself?
Gatto Fritto: It's a mixture of old and newer tracks so I don't really know how long in total... It was all made in my bedroom and I produced it all.

DD: What's your creative process?
Gatto Fritto: Go for walk... write melody whilst walking... come home... record melody.... add drums/synthesizers/guitars... write words... record vocals... feel physically sick at sound of own voice... add reverb until vocals are inaudible... procrastinate for hours/days/weeks/months/years... finish in a hurry!

DD: Who/what are your influences?
Gatto Fritto: Puzzolo, Austin Bascom, A flock of seagulls, Rheji Burrell, John Maus, Wolgang Reichmann, Robbie Basho, Claude Young, the Replacements...these are the records in a small pile next to my bed... I like them.

DD: If you could summarise your sound in three words, what would they be?
Gatto Fritto: Product of Willesden.

DD: Your bio says you once remixed Franz Ferdinand for money - are there any acts you would refuse to remix, regardless of the fee? 

Gatto Fritto: Regardless of fee??? I'm too poor to have principles.

DD: Is it true that one of your ancestors discovered Australia? Are there any statues in your family's honour there, or towns named after them?
Gatto Fritto: My great grandfather was one of the founders of New Australia which was a socialist republic within Paraguay... they had their own currency... I think it's still there, but I think the inhabitants are probably pretty inbred by now.

Gatto Fritto’s self-titled debut album is out now on International Feel