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Wyld at W London Hotel

The new weekly night launches at London's Wyld Bar, bringing down a selection of eccentric DJs and performance artists

Launched as an eclectic showcase of both established names as well as up and coming talent, the new weekly night at the private Wyld Bar in W London Hotel promises to change Wednesday night raves from hereon. Event co-curator and one of London's most prolific DJs/producer, Erol Sabadosh says of the series, “I've spent years now working in nightlife so I'm already a little disillusioned by a lot of what's going on so I'm trying to curate a night here that people are really going to want to come to and be involved in.”

The exclusive nature of the space makes for an intimate environment, where the A-list can mingle with the… C-list, behind the gilded doors of the bar – whilst with a ‘wild theme’ in place, they’ll be encouraging a full-on dress-up attitude: “It's not just about re-hashing something that's been done before, or fusing 'East' and 'West', we're looking at getting in big names from all over the world, [including dream collaborators] like Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, Afrojack and DJs of that ilk in the near future, and creating a unique hotspot for all kinds of creatives and party-goers to come together."

Photos by Christopher James