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Ready for a month of UK tour dates, Dazed Digital caught up with the emerging band and Oxford’s answer to the Beach Boys

Inspired by the uplifting Californian intonations of the Beach Boys, Fixers are the Oxford five-piece dedicated to producing day dream soundtracks in the name of sunsets and young romance. With their soaring guitar pieces and punchy drum beats, the boys bring you their psychedelic tinged answer to this year’s incoming of poppy summer anthems. Signed up to the UK independent Young and Lost Club label, joining the likes of 'Noah and the Whale', 'Lord Auch', 'Bombay Bicycle Club' and 'Ou Est Le Swimming Pool', Fixers are now doing the rounds with a May instalment of British tour dates. Dazed Digital caught up with them, presenting the psychedelic video to their newest single, 'Crystals'... 


...your special talent?
Palm reader.

...your worst vice? Or is this the story behind your name?
It used to be indigestion tablets, I was addicted. Then I moved up the addiction scale to Museli. I'm an obsessive, I can tell you anything and everything about Museli - How to make it, which brands are the best, where to get it etc. There is a large deli in St. Johns Wood that kill it with their selection, I don't always invest but its cool to just browse and read the nutritional value labels. I'm currently going cold turkey, its been eight days on the wagon.  

... your favourite sound?

I love it when you can hear sounds that you are unable to associate with in any particular visual manner. For instance, just hearing people walk behind me is incredible.

...your worst fashion secret?

I'm currently attempting to emulate Harold Ramis circa 1981. Much like Woody Allen, it appears casual and chosen with relative disregard. On closer inspection its pretty extraordinary, it's effortless. Admitting such a subtle fashion idiosyncrasy has kind of burst my bubble.

...your favourite website?

I love Frank Ocean from Odd Future's Blog.

... the best thing about where you're from?
The sun never stops shining. the top of your wish list?
A Pug called 2Pug. He would have a large collar that read "Pug Life" on it too.

...are you listening to now?
Rebecca Black. "Friday" was off the hook, it seems even kids are sick of being bombarded with cynicism these days.
FAMILY - this band kill it. They sound like a tropical hybrid of WU-LYF and Rusty Santos. FAMILY III is dope. John Adams. I've always loved John Adams. I'm listening back to Gnarly Buttons and its reminding me of last year in a really euphoric and nostalgic way - it was sunny, we were playing our first shows together and just having fun. I used to run in the sun to this record, it alters your mind. I've also been listening to a lot of Burzum, Mariah and a 60s New York psych band called Tides too. 

How would you describe your work?

It's exciting. The music is fundamentally nu-world pop with stark flashes of experimentalism and psychedelia. Considering making that kind of music as work is still taking it's time to sink in, there is no telling how long this whole thing is gonna last.

What are you most excited about next?

The next question in this interview…