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Baltimore's Benny Boeldt updates his high energy 80s sounds with his new release on Carpark Records

Heavily influenced by the 80s, Baltimore-based musician 'Adventure', better known as Benny Boeldt in his home of North Carolina, released his self-titled debut release back in 2008. Now the 24 year-old producer has honed his Bladerunner-sampling habits to continue to shape his predominantly instrumental electronic sound. On his latest release on Carpark Records, ‘Lesser Known’, featuring 'Rio' as can be heard below, Boeldt has taken a more cheerful route, adding epic synths to pop sentimentalities, yet continuing to radiate his trademark retro aesthetics.

Dazed Digital: What was your most recent adventure?
Benny Boeldt: Just spent some time in LA shooting a music video for "Feels Like Heaven," we rented jet ski's and went skydiving. 

DD: Was recording your latest album an adventure?
Benny Boeldt: This is the first time I have had a chance to work in a studio. We brought Denny Bowen from the band Double Dagger up to NYC where we recorded all of the live percussion and vocals. It was definitely an adventure teaching myself how to sing the parts as I was writing and recording them. 

DD: What's your next adventure?
Benny Boeldt: Well, right now I'm on tour with my new band mates Mark Brown and Dave Fell, who are filling out the live set a great deal. It has been really fun performing with other people in the band, and I have only just begun to sing live, a totally new experience for me. Touring with new material is always an Adventure in itself. 

DD: Are these adventure questions getting annoying?
Benny Boeldt: No no no. It's all par for the course.

DD: What's your worst vice?
Benny Boeldt: Uhhhh, candy?

DD: Your favourite sound?
Benny Boeldt: Ka-Blam! Ker-Pow or Bloop, or bleep or the sounds of the beach.

DD: Your favourite website?
Benny Boeldt: is filled with crazy artwork by my friend Brian Blomerth aka Narwhalz of Sound.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Benny Boeldt: Ray Lynch - Deep Breakfast, Dog Leather (DJ Dog Dick and Sewn Leather's new duo group), Roger Miler's Greatest hits, Ceephax Acid Crew -  United Acid Emirates, Silk Flowers LTD Form, Avey Tare - Down There...

DD: If you had to, how would you describe your work?
Benny Boeldt: Between the first album and now, the sound has evolved into something vastly different. over all it's a mixed bag that straddles the line between pop and electronica, yet maintains an air of 80's nostalgia throughout. The sound is always evolving into something new.