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In the latest issue of Dazed & Confused Tim Noakes travels to Sao Paulo to interview electro pop sensations CSS on their home turf, to find out the inside story on their sudden rise to fame.

TextTim NoakesPhotographyMatt IrwinFilm EditingMichael Oswald

In the latest issue of Dazed & Confused Tim Noakes travels to Sao Paulo to interview electro pop sensations CSS on their home turf, to find out the inside story on their sudden rise to fame. All this week Dazed Digital will be screening a series of films he shot with the band in Brazil, featuring exclusive footage of CSS in the studio, Lovefoxxx at home, their nervous homecoming show and behind the scenes footage of the Dazed cover shoot.

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Unpublished shots by Matt Irwin

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Lovefoxxx's Passions

Lovefoxxx writes exclusively about the music, film and fashion that made her who she is.

Queen – "I Was Born to Love You"
My father had this song on a K7 tape. I use to listen to it all the time when I was making up dance routines in the backyard. I was doing ballet classes (one step up from "baby classes") at the time and wondered "Why don't they use this cool kind of music?" Which led me to...


Michael Jackson – "Beat It"
When I was 8 I use to do jazz dance classes. We had a routine for "Beat It". The costume was jeans, a white shirt, a blue tie, and a sparkling silver sequins glove on one hand only. This glove lasted until the first few CSS shows.


Saint Seiya (anime series)
When I was 12 I was completely crazy about Saint Seya. I had the biggest crush on Shiryu, the Chinese dragon. On the weekends I use to get together with my two friends Ana and Carol Drummond in their houses and draw all afternoon. We were so obsessed, we thought we've found a portal into the cartoon. It was really real. Everything we'd ask for they would do. When it was hot we asked for Hyoga, the swan, to bring us some breeze and it happened.


Betsey Johnson doing her cartwheel at the end of fashion shows
When I was 13 or 14 there was a show on cable TV called Fashion File With Tim Blanks. I already had some interest in fashion but thought it was a snob universe. Then I saw crazy Betsey Johnson after her show doing cartwheels. I loved that. I couldn't understand how come someone could do this in a universe I thought was so serious.


Alexander Mcqueen's Robot collection
Then when I saw this on tv I freaked out. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen. I was really impressed and inspired by the image of the model with a white dress, and the way the robots moved. It was breath-taking. I did classes when I was 14 on how to make patterns and sew. The teachers were quite religious and they thought my stuff was very crazy and I loved teasing them with that.


Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral and The Fragile
Then I moved to São Paulo to a career in fashion. I was interning with a new designer. And it was when life got a bit darker and I got depressed and used to identify so much with Nine Inch Nails. The instrumental tracks like "The Frail" were soundtracks to fashion shows in my head.


Luscious Jackson - Fever In Fever Out
I lived with five girls I had just met at the time. One of them was a DJ and she loved girl bands. Her DJ name was Lu Riot. I got to know Luscious Jackson through her and they cheered me up all the time. This album was like recovering and finding a new world after Nine Inch Nails.


Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes
It made me walk faster.


Yuko Shimizu
The Adventures of Little Red Polka Dots and Other Stories I really admire things full of meticulous and clever details, especially when they connect with something being told. This series of Yuko Shimizu stills makes me excited about the endless potential of things. I related her work to Escher when I first saw it.


Terry Richardson's photography
Once I arranged my house so that it would look good if he ever used it for a background for one of his shoots. I love the texture of the skin his photos. I saw a photo of a girl by him in an issue of the Face, and I loved it so much, and I couldn't tell if "Terry" was the girl or the one who took the photo. When I worked that out, I read all his interviews online and did drawings of him around transvestites with silicon disorder. He is a punk with photos. He makes it raw, and without proper anything.


John Water's Desperate Living (1977)
I love that this movie has no message and no point. I relate to it as if John Waters got into your head and made the movie of your dreams. I saw it last year on CSS's first tour when Gorky brought his DVD box-set. Then it made me act completely retarded for two months. On tour when we arrived in Christiania I thought I was on the movie's set (when Grizelda and Mink Stole go to the thief village and they have to do everything backwards). CSS’ biggest dream is for John Waters to direct a video for us. John Waters is so clever and the intro of this movie is one of my favorites of all time. This movie brings out the loudest and most demented part of all of us.