mental health

Smartphones and depression
Science & TechWill your iPhone soon be able to detect depression?
TikTok tics
Science & TechGen Z is developing unexplained tics spread through social media
Museum of the city of Brussels
Art & PhotographyBelgian doctors are prescribing museums and galleries for Covid stress
Winona Ryder in Heathers
Life & CultureStudy finds young people have less job prospects post-pandemic... we know
God’s Fox 1
Art & PhotographyThis book unearths forgotten photos from Prestwich’s psychiatric hospital
Toxic Positivity
Life & CultureHow ‘toxic positivity’ took over the internet
The Sopranos therapy
Film & TVSopranos creator links the show’s popularity with the rise of therapy
Social Anxiety
Life & CultureHow to deal with social anxiety as the world comes out of lockdown
England’s ‘Freedom Day’ 2
Life & Culture‘Freedom Day’ doesn’t mean freedom for disabled and vulnerable people
 Nhac Gãy – Summer 2021
Life & CultureThe Vietnamese club collective breaking all the rules of the rave
Female Psychonauts
Life & CultureThe women psychonauts taking on macho magic mushroom culture, and winning
Laughing gas
Science & TechLaughing gas is effective in treating depression, according to a new study
Magic mushrooms
Science & TechPsilocybin is as effective in treating depression as antidepressants
Nadia Whittome
PoliticsThe UK’s youngest MP Nadia Whittome’s mental health break is bold and brave
University Student
Life & Culture‘Isolated and unsupported’ students tell us why they’re close to quitting
Bristol Street
Life & CultureA ‘science of happiness’ course at Bristol Uni is making people happier
Science & TechInside the UK’s first ketamine therapy clinic
Black Minds Matter
Life & CultureHelp Black Minds Matter raise money for vital mental health support
Jae Park From Friends 3
MusicDay6’s Jae Park is leading K-pop’s vital mental health conversation
Sanchia Legister lululemon
Life & CultureHow to do wellness culture right in 2021
 Depression (Tryptich)
Science & TechThis mail-order ketamine company claims to help fight your depression
Young people in lockdown
Life & CultureYoung people are ‘unable to cope with life’ during the pandemic
Mental health
PoliticsHow major reforms to the UK’s Mental Health Act could actually help people
Woman’s suicide note goes live on instagram after death
Life & CultureA 24-year-old woman’s suicide note goes live on Instagram after her death