mental health

Bella Hadid crying
Life & CultureHealthy venting or oversharing? The problems with being sad online
Phone social media
Science & TechInfluencers may soon have to flag their photoshopped posts
Traplord (2021)
Art & PhotographyTraplord: the stage show uplifting overlooked stories of Black masculinity
Ariana Grande
MusicAriana Grande is giving away more free therapy
Smartphones and depression
Science & TechWill your iPhone soon be able to detect depression?
TikTok tics
Science & TechGen Z is developing unexplained tics spread through social media
Museum of the city of Brussels
Art & PhotographyBelgian doctors are prescribing museums and galleries for Covid stress
Winona Ryder in Heathers
Life & CultureStudy finds young people have less job prospects post-pandemic... we know
God’s Fox 1
Art & PhotographyThis book unearths forgotten photos from Prestwich’s psychiatric hospital
Toxic Positivity
Life & CultureHow ‘toxic positivity’ took over the internet
The Sopranos therapy
Film & TVSopranos creator links the show’s popularity with the rise of therapy
Social Anxiety
Life & CultureHow to deal with social anxiety as the world comes out of lockdown
England’s ‘Freedom Day’ 2
Life & Culture‘Freedom Day’ doesn’t mean freedom for disabled and vulnerable people
 Nhac Gãy – Summer 2021
Life & CultureThe Vietnamese club collective breaking all the rules of the rave
Female Psychonauts
Life & CultureThe women psychonauts taking on macho magic mushroom culture, and winning
Laughing gas
Science & TechLaughing gas is effective in treating depression, according to a new study
Magic mushrooms
Science & TechPsilocybin is as effective in treating depression as antidepressants
Nadia Whittome
PoliticsThe UK’s youngest MP Nadia Whittome’s mental health break is bold and brave
University Student
Life & Culture‘Isolated and unsupported’ students tell us why they’re close to quitting
Bristol Street
Life & CultureA ‘science of happiness’ course at Bristol Uni is making people happier
Science & TechInside the UK’s first ketamine therapy clinic
Black Minds Matter
Life & CultureHelp Black Minds Matter raise money for vital mental health support
Jae Park From Friends 3
MusicDay6’s Jae Park is leading K-pop’s vital mental health conversation
Sanchia Legister lululemon
Life & CultureHow to do wellness culture right in 2021