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Watch all episodes from IED Firenze’s Very Good Series

All episodes of the leading Italian fashion, art, and design higher education network are now available

IED Firenze, the leading Italian hub for fashion, art, and design higher education, is boldly redefining the concept of contemporaneity through a weekly series of discussions featuring prominent figures in the creative industry. These thought-provoking talks seek to explore the possibilities that lie ahead in a post-pandemic world – for example, how will the creative sector shape our society? And what kind of future do we aspire to create?

Spilt into five seasons with three videos, the full series is now live. The episodes feature the likes of art collector Christian Levett, visual artist and the director of The Recovery Plan, Justin Randolph Thompson, architect Anne Timerman from TM/R Designs and many more inspiring creatives working towards creating a ‘very good’ future. 

The conversations, led by Danilo Venturi, IED Firenze director, cover fashion, architecture, Black history in the context of Italy, music as social activism and more. In one episode, Adriano Batista, Editor-in-Chief of Fucking Young Magazine, explains how much we can learn from Gen-z when it comes to sustainable fashion practices: “Gen-Z is much more focused on savings and practical and necessary stuff. In a world on the verge of a breakdown due to climate change, I do believe we all need to learn more from Gen Z in this aspect, and this is important if you want to preserve fashion in a more sustainable way.”

In another, fashion blogger Diane Pernet urges listeners to believe in the power of creativity and how it can create a more beautiful world: “We all need creativity to make the world go round. And it would be a very dull place without it. Creativity is what drives us. Creativity makes a better world.”

Visit IED Firenze’s website to watch the full series and check out the trailer below.