Watch Pxssy Palace bring ballroom to London’s South Bank

Follow the queer club night’s founder Nadine Noor in the lead-up to DJing the afterparty for Christine and The Queens’ headline set at Meltdown Festival in London

“[Clubbing] goes hand-in-hand with the queer community,” says Pxssy Palace founder Nadine Noor, who knows a thing or two about this having turned what started as a house party into a staple LGBTQ club night in London. “Historically, and even still today, we don’t feel safe enough in the daytime, so the club has been our place where we can be ourselves... find community.” Carving out this space centring queer POC in particular, Pxssy Palace nights are frenetic, cathartic and, most of all, freeing – a space to form tight-knit connections through the dancefloor. 

Hosting the afterparty to Christine and The Queens headline set at Meltdown festival, Pxssy Palace brought ballroom to South Bank in a fitting culmination of nine days of events curated by Chris, spanning the sounds of Moonchild Sanelly, Serpentwithfeet and even afternoon tea with Drag Race star Katya Zamolodchikova. Beyoncé chants reverberating through Queen Elizabeth Hall, the night was an energetic celebration of clubbing and queer culture’s intertwined past, present, and future. Experience the night and the lead-up to it through Noor’s eyes in our latest Dazed POV above. (You can also read our profile of Chris in the lead-up to Meltdown Festival here)

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