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Lofi boy
via Twitter (@lofigirl)

Lo-fi girl creators introduce a new character to the chill/study universe

Say hello to Lofi boy

The creators of Lofi Hip Hop girl, the 24/7 radio station and online community live streaming beats to study/chill/relax to, is expanding its universe with a brand new character: Lofi boy. The announcement comes after weeks of speculation, when on April 1 (aka April Fools) Lofi girl mysteriously went missing, only to return to her desk earlier this week (April 10) with the cryptic message: “I’ve always wondered what’s behind that blue window… What do you think?” It’s a reference to one of the windows in a distant apartment complex, which is flashing blue – an easter egg that was later revealed on Lofi girl’s official Twitter as morse code redirecting users to a new website titled 

Since arriving on YouTube in 2015, Lofi girl hasn’t deterred from the standard anime-girl-wearing-headphones-staring-at-screen format. But this newest update reveals something that fans haven’t seen before. Following the announcement, the stream repositioned Lofi girl‘s desktop screen to face us, revealing a loading screen that suggests she’d been working on the website this entire time. The following day she tweeted, “The download is finally complete! Should I click on the launch button?”, as the stream zoomed into the blue window to reveal another bedroom, this time inhabited by a headphone-wearing boy listening to synthwave beats to chill/game too. 

“Get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the new realm of retro-futuristic sounds and join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, exploring the wonders of synthwave and unravelling the mysteries of the Lofi universe!” read an accompanying announcement on Twitter. “I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for being the most amazing detectives and participating in the lead-up to this exciting launch and we hope you enjoy tuning into the new livestream! Your infinite support means the world”

The addition of synthwave boy to the Lo-fi canon finally answers the question of the blue light, which has been a fixture of Lofi girl’s stream the past few months. Tune into synthwave boy‘s radio station and you can even see a glimmer of Lofi girl in the faraway apartment, hinting at the two tirelessly working away together on presumably a new project to add to the lore. What that will be exactly is still unclear, but given the brand new website, we can expect a whole lot more Lofi on the horizon.