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Find out how to get your work shown on billboards with Dazed Club

We’re taking over hoardings around the UK in June

If you’re wanting to get your work seen by the world, we have news: Dazed Club has linked up with creative street advertising specialists BUILDHOLLYWOOOD to put your work on billboards around the UK.

After years at home, we think clubs of all kinds are more important than ever as a place to find community – whether that’s a physical club with dancing, or foraging with a group of friends, or a collective finding shared purpose through work. The work can be anything visual you like – either what your club does, or your club doing what they do – we just want to see what you’re up to, and put it on posters. We’ll turn what you supply into collages, and you’ll be credited of course.

Shortlisted submissions will be looked at and the featured works selected by Dazed’s Art Director Gareth Wrighton, Photo Director Jo Evendon and Photographer Steven M. Wiggins. The deadline is 15 May 2022!

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Additional info

Do you accept collaborations?

Yes, but you must own the copyright to the work you’re submitting.

Do you need to be a member of Dazed Club to submit?

The open call is for Dazed Club members only, but if you’re submitting as a group or collective, only one of you needs to be a Dazed Club member (please specify who in your application).

How will the work be reviewed?

The Dazed Club team will review all submissions and create a shortlist. Shortlisted submissions will be looked at by Dazed's Editors and Photographer Steven M. Wiggins.

Where will the work be displayed?

On billboards in London, Bristol, Manchester and Sheffield. The selection panel will determine the locations for the featured works.

Are there any terms and conditions?

Dazed Club team and the open call panel will select the work that is displayed on billboards. Multiple submissions may be featured in one poster, and Dazed Club may resize and crop submitted images. The selection panel reserves the right to include only some or none of the work submitted.By submitting the work you agree that Dazed and BUILDHOLLYWOOD can feature the work in our digital channels. Upon submitting work to Dazed Club you are confirming that the work is your own and you are the owner of the copyright for its public usage. If any challenge to ownership subsequently arises from a third party, the sole responsibility lies with the submitting member and not Dazed.

Please also refer to the Dazed Club terms and conditionsIf you have any other questions, please send them over to .