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On: Point2 4
Photography Hassan Joof

Celebrate running culture at this creative pre-London Marathon experience

Swiss sportswear brand On is hosting the sensory four-day event series Point2, with movement classes, art installations, creative workshops, and live marathon screening

We’re fast approaching the London marathon, an enormous vibe for runners after last year’s event was postponed. In recent times, we’ve seen sport and wider creative culture intertwine more than ever – Dazed’s Marcus Rashford cover being a key marker. Now, Swiss sportswear brand On is bringing a four-day experience that joins together running culture and artistic creativity with the jam-packed Point2 event.

The name derives from the marathon – the race is 26.2 miles, that last little ‘Point2’ jolt the golden moment of a tumultuous journey, of course. It’s where the final surge of work, determination, euphoria, and catharsis culminates. The event should inspire anyone who wants to go the distance, in sport, running, or creative ventures.

Point2 London will take place September 30 to October 3 at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, with a diverse roster of workshops, mini-events, and screenings of the marathon for runners and creatives.

It’s a totally sensory experience, with artistic installations that replicate that outer body experience of being physically pushed to your limits and crossing the finish line. Lucy Hardcastle, a celebrated experimental artist and creative director known for her tactile, elegant designs, has joined forces with On to create the experiental art installation. Live art performances highlight running, sustainability, and the design evolution through the innovative work of On. 

Across the four days, there’s a lot to choose from and attend. British fitness studio BLOK hosts movement classes across HIIT, yoga and calisthenics – practices that promote functional movements, beneficial for runners. Manifestation and mindset coach Kira Matthews leads a session specifically for creatives who need a confidence boost to succeed in their industries. Outdoor workshops are also run by Athene Club, and speed mentorship slots are also available, tapping professionals across culture to give advice and support to attendees – graphic design studio Palermo’s founder and fashion Revolution’s Maria Maleh, fashion production manager Mike Key, and Gaia’s Garden initiator Nate Agbetu will be there. Music will be provided by Martha (who also recently set up Tempo, a south London run club for creatives) and Becks. There will also be a takeover from Trippin, including a live panel with Trippin co-founder Kesang Ball and panellists Peigh and Tim Sheiff, followed by a roster of DJs and a Cool-Down club, hosted by Highsnobiety x Reprezent Radio.

The weekend centres around creative community and ideas exchange, so a cafe and sitting area are available for use. The final day, Sunday, will be fully dedicated to the marathon with live screenings of the race and finisher rewards. Entering the hub, attendees can find out about On’s 11-year journey story, where a curated selection of its premium footwear, and the brand’s sustainable project Cyclon: a 100 per cent recyclable, high-performance running shoe created with bio-based resourcesm will be on display.

Point2 is free to attend and runs September 30 to October 3 at Protein Studios, Shoreditch – see the opening times are below. Find the cultural programming here, and register for tickets here.

Thursday September 30: 6:00PM-10PM

Friday October 1: 9AM-9PM

Saturday October 2: 9:30AM-10PM

Sunday October 3: 9:30AM-4PM